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Kacyiru Neighbourhood Guide

Kacyiru is characterized by the popular palm trees that line many of Kigali’s major roads. But, beyond the palm-tree-lined roads, Kacyiru features a vibrant local life, a thriving art community with multiple art centres, and a business centre with a host of commercial spaces where NGOs, government offices, and embassies, as well as private businesses have their offices. 

Kacyiru is particularly ideal for working individuals looking to be close to their workplace, but also have access to a multitude of activities within walking distance. Whether that’s a walk to an art centre or a bar, or even a few restaurants. 

Here are some great spots you can check out while at Kacyiru, as well as places to get basic necessities and cost estimates for renting a house there.

5 Best Restaurants in Kacyiru

Casa Keza

Casa Keza – Casa Keza is a Spanish restaurant that specializes in Spanish Tapas. From the outside, it looks like a private home. But once inside, you’ll be treated to a lovely African art and craft shop that opens up to the casual, relaxing atmosphere of Casa Keza’s indoor seating and a lovely garden. It’s a great location to have a meal with friends and family, with a playground for kids. Casa Keza also occasionally hosts live music events in the evenings.

Japanda Restaurant – Japanda Restaurant serves authentic Japanese foods like Teriyaki chicken, rice bowls, and ramen. It’s a simple restaurant with basic seating, typical of many local Rwandan hang-out joints. Japanda Restaurant has both indoor and outdoor space and offers affordable food.

Kurry Kingdom  – Kurry Kingdom serves some of the best Indian dishes in Kigali. Its menu consists of close to 300 dishes, so you’re spoilt for choice. You’ll also have multiple seating areas to choose from: the outdoor open space, the indoor area with space dividers for some privacy, or by the bar if you just want some snacks and a few drinks. You can also book one of their private rooms for larger groups or groups looking for extra privacy to host an event.

Kabana Club Restaurant – You know pizza will be good when you see a brick oven in a restaurant. But that’s not the only reason to visit Kabana. You can also order fries and some brochettes, and multiple other options on their menu. I’d recommend Kabana for a weekend evening when you’re in the mood for some loud music or to catch a game on their screens (they sometimes live stream ball games, especially when Rwandan teams are playing). 

Brachetto – Brachetto is an Italian restaurant with a romantic feel to it. While its prices are on the higher side, its tasteful aesthetics make it a great location for date night. Brachetto also has an impressive selection of premium Italian wines that you and your date will enjoy.

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Coffee Shops in Kacyiru

Shokola Cafe

Shokola Cafe – Located on top of Kigali Public Library, Shokola Cafe features bookshelves and comfortable seats where you can work, read or simply enjoy your cup of coffee. It has both an indoor seating area and an outdoor terrace with a magnificent view of Kigali. Shokola Cafe serves a few food items, including salads, sandwiches, and some desserts, so you can spend your whole day there without having to leave for lunch.

Brioche (Kacyiru) – Brioche (Kacyiru) has one of the most stunning sunset views in Kigali. The excellent location, close to major offices, makes it ideal for grabbing a coffee and a pastry over short work breaks. Brioche has a nice selection of pastries like croissants, bread, and cookies, as well as salads and sandwiches.

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Nightlife in Kacyiru

Inema Art Centre – Inema Art Centre hosts happy hour every Thursday from 4 pm, featuring talented DJs playing upbeat music as people network, dance, and make new friends over some drinks from their bar.

People Bar and Dance Venue – People Bar and Dance Venue is just next to Brioche, Kacyiru. It’s known for its salsa nights on Saturdays, where you can try out your salsa skills among other dancers. The club also plays multiple forms of music, including Afrobeat and hip hop making it a fun destination for a night out. 

Shopping in Kacyiru

Kacyiru has a couple of shopping centres scattered across the neighbourhood, including one large shopping centre located across from the Bus Terminal. You’ll find fresh groceries, small electrical appliances and accessories like phone chargers and extension cables, pots, pans, dry foods, personal items like soap and toothpaste, and tailor shops.

But you also have a few convenience stores that you can visit to get similar necessities. 

Supermarkets & Groceries

Simba Supermarket, Kigali Heights – Simba supermarket isn’t really in Kacyiru, but it’s close enough to shop there if you live around Kacyiru. Here, you’ll get supplies ranging from foodstuff to cutlery, children’s toys, books, stationery, cleaning supplies, and other household items like napkins and shower gels. 

Mini Crystal Supermarket – At the Total Petrol Station next to Brioche (Kacyiru), you’ll find Mini Crystal Supermarket. The supermarket stocks multiple everyday items, including foodstuffs like cooking oil and snacks, batteries, soap, and toothbrushes. 

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Gift Shops, Souvenirs, and Decor

Isubyo House of Art

Isubyo House of Art – Sells unique decor pieces made by talented young artists. Specializing in wooden items, they create multiple pieces ranging from lampshades to mirrors, coffee tables, and wall hangings. 

Creation Hodel at Casa Keza – Located at Casa Keza, Creation Hodel stocks beaded and brass jewelry pieces and house decor items such as woven baskets and traditional Rwandan Imigongo.

Art Centres 

Kacyiru is an art hub with multiple art centres where one can get a piece of art to take home as a souvenir or add to their home.

Inema Art Centre – One of the most popular places in Kigali where you can commission an art piece or get one from their curation of pieces.

NP Arts Centre – Has art pieces made by local Rwandan artists. You can get pieces as tiny as an iPad and larger ones to add to your home. NP Arts Centre also holds fun traditional Rwandan dance classes that you can attend.

Rukundo Art – Features abstract paintings focusing on African and Rwandan traditional themes. You’ll find images depicting everyday life in Africa, gorillas and other animals, and some abstract pieces.

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6 Things to do in Kacyiru

  1. Party and network at Inema’s Thursday Happy Hour.
  2. Take a tour of an art gallery. You have multiple galleries to choose from, including Isubyo House of Art, NP Arts Centre, and Inema Art Centre. 
  3. Learn traditional Kinyarwanda dance at NP Art Centre. Give them a call to set this up: +250 787 981 792
  4. Grab a beer with friends at Kabana Club Restaurant before moving on to a nightclub.
  5. Go for a jog along the streets of Kacyiru. 
  6. Treat yourself to a massage at Casa Keza.

Renting in Kacyiru

Kacyiru is a pretty diverse place to rent a home. You’ll find spacious houses with large gardens, apartment buildings (with two or three stories, so not crowded at all), and some lower-cost homes which could be a bit crowded. 

Rent increases as you get closer to the main roads, and also depending on the furniture in the home. You can find furnished apartments for rent going as high as $800 per month for a two-bedroom apartment or $1000 per month for four-bedroom apartments. Further away from the main roads and closer to the local shops and the bus park area in Kacyiru, you’ll find more affordable furnished apartments ranging between $350 to $500 for two-bedroom apartments and $500 to $800 for 3 or four-bedroom apartments.

A room in a shared apartment costs $250 to $350 per month. And if you’re looking to furnish your own apartment, you’ll find unfurnished three or four-bedroom homes for about $500. One and two-bedroom unfurnished apartments go for $150 to $300. 

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Healthcare in Kacyiru

King Faisal Hospital – This is the largest referral hospital in Kigali, and it’s also where you’ll find many specialists, including eye doctors, surgeons, and cardiologists. They also have x-ray services (which you won’t find in quite a number of hospitals around Kigali)

Going to King Faisal without insurance can be expensive, but outpatient services are relatively affordable, especially for one-off doctor visits.

Kacyiru Hospital – Kacyiru hospital is a public hospital that does a great job of serving the locals in Rwanda. It’s especially helpful as its costs are low, almost zero, and citizens can get medication for free. Kacyiru Hospital also serves non-citizens, especially if you are on a budget. You’d also get free medicine, only having to buy what is not available at their government-sponsored pharmacy.

Kigali Adventist Dental Clinic – Located just one road before Minagri from the main road (KG7Ave), Kigali Adventist Dental is highly recommended as an affordable dental place. If you need dental services and are paying out of pocket, try this place out. 

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Map of Kacyiru

Final Thoughts

Located in the heart of Kigali, Kacyiru buzzes with life and creativity. It’s home to many of the city’s most popular art centres, restaurants, and much more, not to mention the relaxed atmosphere and tree-lined boulevards – all of which make it one of the most popular hangout spots in Kigali.

If you need a place to work out while staying at Kacyiru, check out the best gyms in Kigali and our guide to yoga in Kigali. While there aren’t any gyms in Kacyiru, you can find one or two that are really close.

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  1. best area to live if you never want to have electricity/water/internet/etc problems…president lives in this area of town, so no problems 😉

    • Hey, I’ll be doing an independent study project starting the first week of november and need somewhere CHEAP to live up until Dec. 12th. I saw the prices in the hostels on one of your other articles, but i was wondering if that’s monthly or weekly? Do you have any suggestions as to where to find cheap apts or hostels. Prospectively might be living with 2 or 3 people, by the way. So any suggestions?

  2. Hey I am going to be moving to Rwanda for work. I am going to stay there for about 6 months and am looking for an apartment. I am going to be working on Boulevard de la Revolution and would like to rent a place closeby. It would be great if you could give me some suggestions.

  3. This could do with an update – there’s also the National Library now, plus Brioche and People Night Club. Novotel (or whatever it’s called now) buffet is nice, and Café Blue does an affordable spread with free wifi for customers.

    Ikirezi bookshop and Inzora café are just behind Top Tower, too. Amazing place, loads of books in English, French and Kinya.

    And, yes, very safe due to all the embassies – except when people are protesting outside an embassy, like the UK last year. Then it can get a bit crowded, but usually peaceful. Also pretty good on the water/electricity front. Not without hiccups, but better than anywhere else I’ve lived.


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