Thursday, July 4, 2024

Charity Gala

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Empowering Dreams: Join us for a Night of Impact at the Living In Kigali Charity Gala!

We are thrilled to announce a momentous event that promises to ignite hope and transform lives within the heart of our community.

Our passionate owner, Ola, has embarked on a mission close to her heart - to provide a brighter future for the vulnerable families in Kigali. Ola's recent visits to families in need have uncovered compelling stories of resilience and love amidst adversity. Allow us to share some of the remarkable cases that have touched our hearts:

1. Rahamat Bamuhigire and Deborah UWASE In the Nyarugenge District, Rwezamenyo Sector, we encountered the extraordinary Rahamat Bamuhigire. A mother of eight, Rahamat selflessly took in 17-year-old Deborah UWASE, making her the ninth child under her care. With limited means, Rahamat supports her extended family through the humble profession of laundry work. Your support will bridge the gap for Deborah's education, ensuring she remains in school.

2. Myriam Nyirahabyarimana Myriam, a 14-year-old from Kicukiro/Kigarama Sector, aspires to pursue her education at GS Notre Dame de Rwaza. Her mother, Fatuma, widowed with five children, strives to make ends meet after her husband's tragic battle with HIV/Aids. Let's provide Myriam with the tools she needs to excel in school.

3. Clémentine Uwayisenga and Family The Uwayisenga family's plight in Masaka/Kicukiro District is heartrending. Twin sisters, aged 15, face the challenges of early motherhood after enduring unthinkable circumstances. Their parents, Clémentine and Vianney, struggle to make ends meet. Your contribution will enable four of their children to pursue an education, lighting the way for a brighter future. Ola's vision transcends the immediate needs of these families. Through this gala, we aim to secure a year of education for all the children involved. Any surplus funds will empower the caregivers, ensuring they can sustain themselves in the long run. We are proud to collaborate with Choose Kigali, who generously offered the venue and sustenance for this unforgettable evening. We extend our deepest gratitude to Lion Imanzi, who will graciously serve as our MC for the night.

Expect an evening of enchanting music, stirring poetry, delectable food, and refreshing drinks.

Join us in dressing to impress, donning shades of green or coral as we come together for this transformative event.

November 24th, 2023

6pm till 9pm

at Choose Kigali