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Kigali School of Kinyarwanda

Who enrolls for the Kinyarwanda Proficiency Programs in Rwanda?

Newcomers to Rwanda Expatriates and Newcomers working in Rwanda especially outside of Kigali find it very useful to know at least basic conversations in Kinyarwanda. Although a significant portion of the Rwandan population in Kigali can understand English or French, the language barrier remains a key challenge for effective collaboration.

Learning Kinyarwanda makes it easier to communicate with all the stakeholders including local leaders, employees, suppliers. The bootcamp or unlimited packages offer the best value for money for quick and consistent progress.

Foreigners in a relationship with Rwandans 40% of the pupils of the school of Kigali in Kinyarwanda are foreigners in relation with Rwandans. In fact, love and romantic feelings are the main drivers for learning Kinyarwanda. Speaking the language of one's spouse makes it possible to create more closeness and complicity, to extend one's mutual understanding and to share more moments together.

At the Kinyarwanda school in Kigali, we have helped several couples to improve their Kinyarwanda with a positive impact in internal communication and with their families.

Lion Safaris

Tour Expeditions

Lion Safaris, based in Kigali-Rwanda, offers a diverse range of tour packages, including thrilling encounters with the majestic Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda and Uganda, and Big 5 safaris across Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. 🌍🦍🦁🐘🐆🦏🐃⁣

✨ Their services extend to social, cultural, historical, and religious tourism, promising a full immersion in the vibrant and diverse African experience. 🎭🏛🕌🎪⁣ ⁣

🚗 They provide a range of car hire services - self-drive or with a professional driver, ensuring you explore Africa at your own pace. 🗺🛣⁣ ⁣

Visit Lion Safaris, and let them create your dream African safari experience!

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