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Jali Partners

JALI PARTNERS is an innovative accounting firm that supports SMEs with services related to accounting, tax, audit, and business advisory services. with a mission to strengthen SMEs finance departments through reliable and accountable services. Learn more: Here is our pricing to SMEs, another link on why choose us.

Zvet Jewellery

Welcome to Zvet Jewellery, where artistry and self-expression meet to create unique gold-plated sculpture earrings. Our limited-quantity collections are designed for women who embrace their individuality. Each collection is a captivating story, passionately crafted by our team of designers who share our belief in the power of self-expression through art. At Zvet Jewellery, we believe in creativity, individuality, and the art of storytelling. Founded by entrepreneur Svetlana Nicole Uwineza, our brand is a reflection of her passion for merging the worlds of art and storytelling. She has also been involved in creative activities such as dance, theatre and spoken word.

Soothing Corner Spa

Soothing corner spa in Kigali. Come and have an experience of a lifetime. Pamper your senses! Replerish with a simple treatment or Immense yourself in total relaxation soothing corner spa offers a complete range of services for body, mind and soul. (Massage, Nail care, Sallon services, Manicure & Peducure and Body traitments)

The Rock Bistro

Welcome to The Rock Cocktail Bar & Bistro, a hidden gem nestled atop one of the hills in Kigali, offering breathtaking views alongside exceptional food and drinks. Our establishment is a haven where guests can unwind, indulge in delectable cuisine, sip on crafted cocktails, and immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Irebe Baskets

Situated in the vibrant hills of Rwanda, Irebe Baskets collection is a social enterprise that specializes in traditional basket weaving. Our venture is not just about crafting gorgeous designs but weaving together the threads of female empowerment and community development.


Paid brings high-end services and skilled Pros to people who need them most.

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