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The Best Restaurants in Kigali

Many fabulous restaurants in Kigali blend global cultures, reinvent traditional dishes and bring new experiences to Kigali.

What factors do you consider when choosing a restaurant in Kigali? I look for a nice ambiance, delicious food, and excellent customer service.

With that in mind, I selected the absolute best restaurants in Kigali based on different cuisines, price ranges, and locations. It will show you where to try dishes from different cultures and where locals enjoy their food and satisfy their cravings in Kigali.


Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Kigali

What do you look for when you order coffee and snacks in a cafe? I always hope to get a thicker espresso and its aftertaste. Most coffee shops in Kigali promote Rwandan coffee, creating unique tastes and styles in a mind-blowing environment.

  • Question Coffee, Gishushu  – The aroma and bevy of bubbles in your cup of Rwandan brewed coffee served in unique branded saucers could give you an amazing, memorable coffee experience. Question coffee cafe has answers for coffee enthusiasts and non-coffee drinkers with a wide variety of signature drinks.
  • Inzora Rooftop Cafe, Kamukina – At Inzora Rooftop Cafe, you can get a chance to enjoy beautiful views of Kigali city from the terraces while eating nutritious macadamia and chia granolas for breakfast over creamy Greek yogurt. The cafe is inside the Ikirezi bookstore, where you can buy or read books.
  • Rubia Coffee Roasters, Kimihurura – Serves coffee with bold rich flavors harvested exclusively from Rwandan farmers. Their coffee aftertaste can make you buy one of their bags of coffee to take with you home.
  • Shokola, Kigali Public Library Rooftop – Beautiful interior design ideal for business meetings, casual talks, and even space for reading. You might enjoy not only the flowery coffee aroma but also other tasty refreshments like their yummy Tropi-Colada smoothie.
  • Indabo Cafe, Kiyovu – A beautiful cafe and plant shop with an outdoor green space for kids to play. There were floral notes of roasted coffee when I tasted their delicious fish avocado salad, which I can highly recommend. 

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The Hut, Great Steak, Kigali
The Hut

Best Steak Restaurants in Kigali

Bright orange flames blazing on the grill with the marbling smell of cooking meat wafting into your nose are skills that I have come to appreciate after many failed attempts in my house and opted to enjoy steaks in these restaurants.

  • The Hut, Rugando  – Bring your appetite with you for crispy, crunchy avocado chips as one of the most loved side dishes to try when ordering flavorsome steaks cooked at The Hut inspired by international well-blended accompaniments. 
  • Inka Steak House, Kimihurura – A modern steakhouse offering excellent hospitality service with a blend of international dishes serving juicy red meat steaks. The restaurant offers a great dining experience with a wide variety of complimentary tasty sauces and refreshments to accompany the crunchy crackling steak juices that melt in your mouth.
  • Pilipili, Kibagabaga – An African and European-inspired restaurant that I find having chunky mouth-watering steaks. It is a hotspot, especially on weekends, and ideal for casual talks with a group of friends and family.
  • Fusion Restaurant, The Retreat by Heaven – A slice of heaven with its different international foods. Pork is one of their most delectable tender steaks I would recommend, not too dry, cooked absolutely to a heavenly taste.
  • Choma’d, Nyarutarama – Flowing cocktails, excellent fresh and palatable steaks inspired by a fusion of North American and African culture, and could give you a memorable experience.

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Eclair, Baso Patisserie, Kigali

Best Bakeries in Kigali

How do you know that you are in one of the best bakeries? When I pass by a bakery and the refined air of the sweet smell of cooking cupcakes, the pleasant toasty aroma of bread, and the flavor notes of my favorite cup of coffee, it gives me the temptation to walk in, order, and make my life sweet with a cupcake.

  • Baso Patissier, Kiyovu – If you are a chocolate lover, Baso Patissier could be the place for you. Their style has an inspired blend of French and Belgian cultures serving you signature aromatic airy chocolate eclairs, Matadi, which are delightful. 
  • Bwok Cafe, Kimihurura – A Korean-inspired casual cafe dining with modern colorful desserts. Their gorgeous multi-layered tiramisu and tasty, crispy waffles are some of their delicacies in the bakery sections.
  • Brioche, Kacyiru – Inspired by African and European cultures and is well known for its sweet flavourful matcha lattes. It is an ideal place to start your day with tempting delicious pastries accompanied by excellent customer service.
  • The Women’s Bakery, Remera – Makes African-inspired, nice crispy crust bread and other pastry options like a pretzel for a classic breakfast. The bakery also has different flavor notes of African tea and coffee and beautiful interior decor for a fun place to meet with friends. 
  • Simba Bakery Gishushu  – Simba Supermarket Bakery welcomes you with a clean, slightly sweet, and yeasty aroma displaying on the counters different pastries and cakes baked. Simba bread is one of the everyday items in many households in Rwanda.

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kLab, Best Views in Kigali

Best Restaurants With a View in Kigali

I love restaurants that have invested in creating more memorable customer experiences, especially those with rooftops or built at the top of a hill to give you fantastic views. Some Kigali restaurants are strategic, where you can find hill views, and more breathtaking views from windows and terraces.

  • Cafe Camelia, KBC Building – An African cafe and restaurant, was ideal for my first dinner date in Kigali. The beautifully curated layers of cocktail juices with a great view of Kigali, especially at night from the stars of the black skies to the lights of the Kigali Convention Centre, was a pretty memorable experience for me.
  • Soy Asian Table, Kimihurura – Inspired by Asian cultures, with a very lit and beautiful interior decor with great views of Kigali at the coveted upper floor tables. The restaurant has a variety of peanut flavor foods and delicious killer starter dishes. 
  • Ubumwe Grand Hotel, Kigali – Ubumwe Grand Hotel’s rooftop restaurant has a great view of the vibrant Kigali city and the surrounding hills as you enjoy their tasty, wholesome and abundant brunch menus with different food plating styles satisfying all your senses.
  • Bistro’s, City Blue – An Italian restaurant with scenic views of Kigali with coffee-rubbed tender steaks and flavourful companion side dishes to provide you with a memorable experience, and come back for more. 
  • Iriba Bar & Terrace, Kigali Marriott Hotel – An international-inspired restaurant that creates tasty, colorful dishes to serve you at the modern beautiful, built terrace with amazing views of Kigali City. It is ideal for lunch spots with light bites and quick service for a group of friends.
The Best Restaurants in Kigali

Best Fast Food Restaurants in Kigali

One of the impulsive decisions I make to satisfy my senses with food cravings is ordering from a fast-food restaurant. Kigali fast-food restaurants have granted me fair and non-regrettable choices, which you should also try.

  • Meze Fresh – Mexican-inspired food with an African twist like the famed flavored burrito bowl, making eating it very satisfying, and I am guilty of never having enough of them.
  • Now Now Rolex, Kimihurura – African street food with addictive and delicious snacks like sweet brown waffles and the most loved Rolex to try in Kigali.
  • Turambe Shoppe, Kacyiru – My lifesaver for quick, surprising, and unforgettable salads with vegetarian-friendly bites and drinks. The pumpkin spiced latte looks yummy and is on my bucket list.
  • Burger Planet, KBC Building Kigali – American fast food with fantastic juicy burgers, delicious hot dogs, and legendary milkshakes to fix all your cravings in one spot.
  • Lavana Rwanda – Mexican fast-food spot with unique thick pizzas with authentic toppings and tasty food, not forgetting excellent customer service.
The Best Restaurants in Kigali

Best Brunch Restaurants in Kigali

Most of my weekends are brunch days. How about you? Brunch in Kigali can be served during the week in specific restaurants, while most have menus customized for the weekend crowd like me.

  • Le Terrace @ Choose Kigali, Kiyovu – This French-inspired restaurant has a five-course brunch menu on Sundays ideal for random and last-minute bookings expecting a fine luxurious dining experience. Le Terrace restaurant has a monthly updated menu with exceptional service in their beautiful outdoor settings.
  • Casa Keza – A Spanish cuisine restaurant with weekend brunch menus favorable for families with kids who will enjoy customized events during brunch hour. Try ordering their well-known finest and delicious tapas, which is one of their specialty, could surprise you. 
  • Ikawa Kafe, Remera – Gives an eating experience of traditional American food inspired by the Black American culture for daily brunch while providing a good space for art lovers, professionals, and commoners.
  • Elikapeka Hotel Bar & Restaurant – Serves food inspired by different cultures where you get to enjoy a virtual reality experience when you order food. It is ideal for friends and families with kids.
Scrambled Tofu, Afia Organics, Kigali

Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Kigali

Most restaurants in Kigali have a blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu options. You can also book and pre-order before walking-in in your choice of restaurant.

  • Kurry Kingdom, Kacyiru – Serves you Indian food with king-sized vegetarian meal portions in a stylish, relaxing ambiance. It is an ideal place for a night date with cozy lighting.
  • Afia Organics, Remera  – Prepares a fusion of vegetarian dishes. Delicious and creatively designed low-calorie tofu is one of the dishes to find on the extensive menu, which was not a disappointing choice I made.
  • Brachetto – Famous lunch buffet at the salad bar with vegan and gluten-free dishes that are deliciously blended and inspired by Italian, Mediterranean, and European cultures. The restaurant targets high-end clients to experience high standards and excellent customer service.
  • Sizzling Plates – Preparing Taiwanese food to choose to dine in or take out orders. They have highly praised freshly prepared vegetarian dumplings, which are on my bucket list to try.
Pan China, Kigali

Best Chinese Restaurants in Kigali

In the past, I was hesitant to try Chinese foods because of the stereotypes and myths about their meat dishes. I later gathered courage and learned that Chinese food has a unique, pleasant flavor worth trying. 

  • Tung Chinese, Century Park, Nyarutarama – A blend of Chinese, Asian and European food, giving you a taste of the sea with crunchy, crispy, and many other seafood menu options. It is near a park which is convenient for families with kids.
  • Great Wall Chinese Restaurant – You will find low-priced meals with a mix of Chinese and Asian delicious meals, especially their not too thick, creamy smooth soups and soft, tasty spring rolls.
  • Lao Tangren Restaurant – Chinese restaurant with delicious fluffy ginger fried rice as one of the most praised meals. It is an ideal place for groups to eat because of their big-sized portions. 
  • Bamboo Rooftop Restaurant, Kigali – Gives you a good view of the hills in Kigali with Chinese flavored food like crispy shrimp melting in your mouth. It has a lounge seating area for incredibly refreshing cocktails to enjoy and spacious family-style seating ideal for dinners.
Bharvan Paneer Tandoori, Khana Khazana, Kigali

Best Indian Restaurants in Kigali

The fiery and aromatic biryani is one of my favorite Indian foods because of its different flavors creatively served on one plate. Check these restaurants and enjoy their signature naan bread and other Indian dishes.

  • Khana Khazana Villas & Boutique Hotel – Delicious giant shrimps and dry, tender, richly flavored beef rendang that will make you appreciate Indian food more. Their excellent customer service and great ambiance are ideal for dinner with colleagues, a family outing, and a romantic dinner date.
  • Delhi Darbar Indian Restaurant & Villa – Has a fusion of Indian, Asian cuisine with well-roasted and marinated tandoori chicken as one of the praised meals to try. They also serve vegetarian dishes in their beautiful open-air space restaurant. 
  • Lahori Restaurant Kigali – The aromatic chicken, buttery tastes, and Lahori signature spices of Chicken biryani are specialties loved by many. They also have a nice view of the Kigali car-free zone at their terrace outdoor seating space.
Sakae, Kigali, Rwanda

Best Japanese and Korean Restaurants in Kigali

Sushi? Gyoza? You will find them in these Japanese and Korean restaurants in Kigali.

  • Japanda Restaurant, Kacyiru – Japanese-inspired meals like well-seasoned barbecued chicken and a variety of tasty donburi dishes. Excellent customer service and great interior decor can give you a taste of Tokyo.
  • Sakae Japanese and Korean Restaurant, Nyarutarama – Unique dishes blended in Japanese and Korean culture with moist teppanyaki, delicious sashimi, and their sweet, spicy Kigali fried chicken as one of the dishes to try. The interior decor design and lighting are ideal places to catch up while tasting a glimpse of Korean culture.
  • Dae Jang Geum Korean Restaurant – An excellent customer experience serving a variety of authentic, delicious Korean dishes. The warm well-blended bibimbap is one famed dish I look forward to exploring.
Tom Yum Soup, Asian Kitchen, Kigali

Best Southeast Asian Restaurants in Kigali

If you are craving foods like Pad Thai, check these restaurants in Kigali that might give you a fine, memorable meal.

  • Borneo Indonesian Restaurant , Kigali – An East Asian buffet with authentic tastes and fantastic customer service. This restaurant would help an amateur like me quench their curiosity on learning other Southeast Asian dishes besides the delicious Pad Thai that I knew. 
  • Asian Kitchen, Remera – Sweetly aromatic and delicious soups beloved by most in this small cozy restaurant.
  • Pad Thai Restaurant, Kibagabaga – Many clients who order takeaway for any bold flavourful Thai option of their preference. It is pretty ideal for affordable, tasty food.
Poivre Noir, Steak in Kigali

Best European Restaurants in Kigali

Hungry for a food adventure in French, Italian, or any European meal? Try these restaurants which might give you the traditional food culture.

  • Sole Luna, Gishushu – Italian-inspired restaurant making delicious meals like the famed tasty pizzas and chunky decently spiced variety of meat with a drink of your choice as you have a beautiful view of the citys’ sunset and moonrise. It is ideal for dining with colleagues or a group of friends to enjoy the delicious meals and fun Monday quiz night.
  • L’Epicurien, Kimihurura – Multi-course French dishes, giving you a taste of France in Kigali and a variety of wines to enjoy with your meal. The professionalism of impressive food plating presentations and the beautiful view of Kigali at the cozy terrace with foliage can give you a good and memorable feeling when choosing to dine here.
  • New Cactus, Kiyovu – Serves delicious steaks inspired by a blend of Belgian and European origin with an African twist. It is ideal for families with kids during the day, and romantic couple dinner dates with beautiful views of the hills at night. 
  • Poivre Noir – Belgian and French dishes with famous curated juicy burgers, rich, creamy classic risottos, and tender pork filet mignon. It has beautiful scenic outdoor seating that enhances the restaurants’ ambiance while enjoying its smooth flowing drinks and delicacies.
  • Filini Restaurant, Radisson Blu Hotel – Italian-inspired delicacies targeting high-end clients at Radisson Blu Hotel. The sweetness of the food, great atmosphere, excellent customer service will give you a memorable fine dining experience at Filini restaurant.
Tilapia Fillet - Rwf 4,500

Best Rwandan Restaurants in Kigali

Rwandan goat brochettes are the meal that I feel represents the Rwanda dish at its best. Most restaurants have a traditional dish on their menu option to give you a taste of Rwandan foods.

  • Chez Lando, Remera – Home to the famed irresistible goat brochettes to taste in an African-inspired restaurant. It is ideal for a family gathering, group outing, and even dinner to enjoy more creative, well-blended meals with accompaniments.
  • Sundowner, Kimihurura – Matoke dishes giving a simple traditional meal a tasty twist in an African cuisine hotel. It is a hotspot for many because of the excellent music, juicy meat, and excellent customer experience.
  • Come Again – A famed grilled, barbecued pork meat locally known as ‘Aka Benz’ dish. It is ideal for friends and family hangouts with casual sitting space.
Veggie Platter, Habesha, Kigali

Best East African Restaurants in Kigali

Nyama Choma is one of the most ordered grilled meats I have eaten in my life while in East Africa. Which one is your favorite East African dish? 

  • Repub Lounge,Kimihurura – Well known for its crispy sambaza fish and well-prepared fried banana plantains locally known as ‘mizuzu’. It has a beautiful interior with African decor and an open-air balcony with great views of Kigali city. 
  • Masters Grill – A blend of a bar, barbeque, and restaurant suitable for friends and family hangout. I highly recommend the Nyama Choma served here, especially when having friends or family gatherings.
  • Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant – Soft and delicious injera as one of the famed meals to experience in Ethiopian culture with excellent customer service.

Best West African Restaurants in Kigali

Are you Looking for Garri? Fufu? These are the restaurants that can help you find West African delicacies.

  • Jollof Kigali – Afro-fusion restaurant with bold flavors of authentic jollof rice, egusi recipes that will make your taste buds sing.

Final Thoughts

A quick survival tip for restaurants in Kigali is to book your order in advance, especially on weekends. Inquire about ingredients used that you are allergic to or have an intolerance to and any new menu updates to help you enjoy culinary experiences in restaurants in Kigali.

Lastly, before going to a restaurant of your choice in Kigali, confirm what to expect in this Covid era.

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