Thursday, June 6, 2024


Dear Kigalian Collective,

As the editor-in-chief and owner of Living In Kigali, my ultimate goal is to become the #1 trusted resource for all things related to living in Kigali.

Living In Kigali is no longer just a blog about personal experiences in Kigali. It has evolved into Living In Kigali, LLC. It is now a fully functional business with a team of seven dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to provide valuable resources and information to our community.

We are a large and growing community of almost 21,000 members, 38,000+ followers, and thousands more on other social media platforms. To continue delivering quality content and managing our community effectively, we need your help.

My team comprises content managers, social media managers, sales managers, community managers, events managers, technical managers, and admin managers. Each team member has specific responsibilities and works diligently to ensure that LIK remains a high-quality resource for those looking to live, work, or do business in Kigali.

As our community has grown, so has the demand for resources and support. When I acquired LIK, it was a hefty investment. I immediately set out to redesign the website, brought in an enthusiastic team of 6, and invest a great deal of time and effort into strategizing with my team on how we can better serve you, our Living In Kigali member.

To ensure our community's continued success, I kindly request a donation of $2.99 every 3 months to help maintain our community page and pay my hardworking team members.

For those who wish to donate more than $25, we'd love to highlight your contributions, and send you a free Living in Kigali t-shirt.

I understand that transparency is crucial, so I've created a behind-the-scenes Instagram page (@livinginkigali.bts) where you can see exactly where your donations are going.

Your donations will not cover the LIK team's full time and services, but will also go towards fun events we have planned for YOU - our LIK community.

Your support is vital to us. I appreciate any contribution you can make to help us maintain a better quality of our community page and continue providing a platform for individuals to share, find reliable resources, buy and sell, and find a sense of belonging.

Thank you for being a part of our brand new community; we look forward to growing together.

Sincerely, Ola Morin-Muhammed

Editor-in-Chief & Owner of Living In Kigali, LLC.