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The Best Gyms in Kigali [With Prices] – Updated for 2022

The selection of gyms in Kigali has improved massively in recent years. New fitness centres have opened all over town, and the quality is much better too. You can now attend classes, hire qualified personal trainers, or work out by yourself on modern, dynamic equipment. 

Here’s a rundown of the best gyms in Kigali for every budget and workout style.

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Be Fit 24

  • Day Pass: 2,000
  • Monthly Membership: 20,000
  • 3-month Membership: 35,000
  • 6-month Membership: 60,000
  • 12-month Membership: 100,000

Be Fit 24 is hidden in the bowels of Amahoro Stadium, and it’s the best deal in town if you’re looking for a cheap gym. 

Membership is a fraction of the cost at most gyms and includes access to the stadium’s running track – but you get what you pay for. The equipment is quite old, very basic, and packed into a tiny space. But it’s enough to fulfill most needs. 

Be Fit 24 also offers bodybuilding, spin, and aerobics classes. The aerobics classes are loud, sweaty affairs that make working out a fun, entertaining experience.

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Nyarutarama, Kibagabaga, and Gacuriro

Photo Credit Ku Black

Cali Fitness

  • Day Pass: 4,000
  • Monthly Membership: 35,000
  • 12-month Membership: 315,000

Cali Fitness offers excellent value, with plenty of space across two floors. The equipment is new and well maintained, and the staff is friendly and experienced, ready to assist you and offer personalized training. 

The space is nice and bright, with a delightful view from its veranda and an outdoor workout area.

Cali Fitness also offers fitness classes, including CrossFit and massage services. 

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Photo Credits: Ku Black

The Manor Hotel

  • Day Pass: 4,000
  • Monthly Membership: 35,000
  • 6-month Membership: 200,000
  • 12-month Membership: 380,000

The Manor Hotel has an excellent gym with good value memberships, especially since they also include access to the swimming pool. 

The pool isn’t very big, and you’ll be sharing it with hotel patrons, but it’s got probably the best pool view in Kigali, and it makes for a great place to relax after a workout. 

The gym is well stocked with modern gym equipment and a great boxing area. However, it can feel slightly claustrophobic. It’s located in the hotel’s basement, without many windows and a lot of machines crammed into a reasonably small space. Try to come when it’s least busy. 

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Photo Credits: Ku Black

Nyarutarama Sports Centre

  • Day Pass: 3,000
  • Monthly Membership: 20,000
  • 12-month Membership: 180,000

Nyarutarama Sports Centre is one of the cheapest gyms in Kigali, but the equipment is old, often not working, and packed into a tiny space. 

However, the Sports Centre also has a great swimming pool, tennis courts, and sauna, which make up for the gym’s less adequate offerings. 

If you live in this part of Kigali, Nyarutarama Sports Centre is a good choice for working out on a budget. 

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Kigali Town

Heaven Boutique Hotel, Gyms in Kigali

Heaven Fitness Center

  • Day Pass: 10,000
  • Monthly Membership: 100,000
  • 12-month Membership: 550,000

Heaven Fitness Center is part of the same complex that’s home to The Retreat and Heaven Boutique Hotel. 

The fitness center is located in a beautiful garden and features Technogym & Exigo equipment, free weights, a stretching area, and indoor/outdoor showers. Yoga classes and spa treatments are also available. 

Membership is limited to keep the gym from getting crowded, so you’ll pay a premium for the experience. However, members also get access to their saltwater, solar heated pool (the only one of its kind in Kigali), and a 15% discount on all meals at Heaven Restaurant next door.

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Gyms in Kigali, Serena Hotel

Kigali Serena Hotel

  • Day Pass: $30
  • Monthly Membership: $250
  • 12-month Membership: $1,700

The Serena is one of the swankiest hotels in Kigali, and the gym is no exception. However, it’s also priced to match. It’s the most expensive gym in Kigali. A monthly membership costs up to 5x the price of other gyms, and the annual fee is $1,700. 

But if you can afford it, the experience is unmatched anywhere in Kigali. 

There’s a sauna, steam room, and a jacuzzi, along with excellent showers and even lounge chairs. They give you big, fluffy towels and free q-tips and juice. Score! The gym itself is quite small but sufficient. 

It gets busy after about 6 pm, but during the day you might be the only person there. It’s got a stretching/free weights room and a small selection of weight machines and cardio equipment. There’s also a large room for classes. Finally, you also get access to the Serena’s incredible swimming pool.

If you like a lot of pampering before and after your workout, this might be the gym for you. 

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Marriott Hotel Gym

Kigali Marriott Hotel

  • Day Pass: 15,000
  • Monthly Membership: 170,000
  • 6-month Membership: 650,000
  • 12-month Membership: 1,100,000

Much like the Serena, the Kigali Marriott Hotel’s gym is an expensive option that comes with plenty of perks. Membership rates include the gym, fitness classes, sauna, steam room, and access to an epic swimming pool. Plus, you get a discount of 20% at the hotel’s restaurants, and 10% off spa treatments.

And while it’s quite small, the Kigali Marriott gym is also one of the newest and best-equipped gyms in Kigali. The cardio area is a highlight. 

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Waka Town Kigali


  • Day Pass: 8,000
  • Monthly Membership: 70,000
  • Off-Peak Monthly Membership: 50,000
  • 12-month Membership: 480,000

Waka Town opened in 2018 with great fanfare and has remained hugely popular ever since. 

The gym is a huge, open space that includes a basketball court, a spinning room, and a fantastic climbing wall. They also have plenty of modern equipment for cardio, regular weights, and plenty of space to stretch. The staff is friendly, and very experienced, including the personal trainers. Plus, they have the most extensive group classes in Kigali – including bouldering and even fencing! Read an up-to-date list on Waka’s website.

Aside from the gym, Waka is also home to one of the best coworking spaces in Kigali. You can join them separately or combine memberships for ultimate convenience and productivity. 

If you don’t want to travel to town for a workout, you can join Waka at its Kimihurura branch instead. 

If you opt for the full annual membership, you’ll also get guest passes and access to the coworking space and the pool at Hotel de Mille Collines (great for both laps and lounging). A day at a swimming pool in Kigali usually costs around Rwf 8,000, so this is a fantastic deal.

Corporate packages are available (contact [email protected] for details), and if groups of 10 people sign up together for an annual membership, it costs Rwf 360,000 per person.

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Rugando and Gishushu

The Best Gyms in Kigali [With Prices] – Updated for 2022

Lemigo Hotel

  • Day Pass: 10,000
  • Monthly Membership: 70,000
  • Monthly Membership + Spa & Pool: 150,000

The Lemigo Hotel’s gym is competitively priced for a hotel fitness centre, but it’s small, and access to the pool or the spa costs double. 

The gym equipment is crammed very close together in a small room right in front of the reception area. I could imagine it gets very crowded if more than a handful of people worked out at once. 

For the price, Lemigo Hotel’s gym is only good value if you live a short distance away.

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Park Inn by Radisson, Gyms in Kigali

Park Inn by Radisson

  • Day Pass: 8,000
  • Day Pass for Couple: 13,000
  • Monthly Membership: 140,000
  • 6-month Membership: 350,000
  • 12-month Membership: 550,000

Park Inn’s gym is spacious, nicely laid out, and stocked with a great selection of brand new equipment. It’s got a lovely view over the pool with all of the equipment facing the sunny window. 

The changing rooms are small and simple and equipped with lockers, two showers, a sauna, and a steam room. The Rwf 8,000 price for a day pass includes the sauna, steam room, and swimming pool, so it’s a great deal if you want to spend the day here. 

The couples rate of Rwf 13,000 makes it even more enticing, especially when combined with a meal at Park Inn’s fantastic restaurant.

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Waka Fitness Kigali


  • Day Pass: 8,000
  • Monthly Membership: 70,000 
  • Off-Peak Monthly Membership: 50,000 
  • 12-month Membership: 480,000

Waka’s Kimihurura branch is equal to the one in town in every way – and much better located. 

They have modern equipment, while the space is big, open, and beautifully nicely designed. There’s a bright, airy room for classes, a section dedicated to bodyweight exercises, a boxing bag, all of the usual weights, and loads of cardio equipment – including a rowing machine. 

It’s the smaller gym of the two and can get pretty busy. If you can work out off-peak (between 9-5 pm or after 8 pm), then you’ll find it a lot quieter, and you’ll also save a bit of money.

Aside from the equipment, Waka Kimi offers plenty of excellent classes, personal training, and tailored nutrition programs. 

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What’s Your Favourite Gym in Kigali?

Where do you like to work out in Kigali? Did I miss any excellent new gyms that have opened recently?

Let me know in the comments, and I’ll make sure I check your suggestions out ASAP. 

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  1. i don”t blame you man i have been living in
    Uganda for the last 20yrs but this place is cool i have finally decided to come back home. am looking for a job mainly as a writer but i can do any other job available as well. so if you guys have any vacancies or offers guys call me on 0784729801 or write to me at thanks

  2. The service at the Serena’s gym, Maisha, has been fantastic during the day and on the weekends. It is always clean, the staff is attentive, kind (and fun!), and it’s an overall enjoyable experience. It’s the highest quality of equipment that I’ve found in Kigali, as well. There’s rarely a wait for the equipment you want to use which is great!

    So, I signed up for my annual membership, and then went for my first weekday evening visit. Completely different experience! The floor of the locker room was covered in trash, used towels, and pieces of hair extensions. The showers were filthy. The shower dispensers were out of body wash, and there was no locker room attendant to be found. I went up to the gym, and had an equally bad experience. There were no clean towels available, yet the floor was littered with dirty towels and used glasses. I could not find an attendant to give me a clean towel. It was truly disgusting. And I’ve now experienced this several times. Lesson learned, I should have gone for a night visit before committing to a year.

    I expected so much more from the Serena! I don’t understand how service can change so drastically from day/weekend to night, but I hope this can be rectified in the near future. Again, it really just depends on the time of day that you visit, but please take this into consideration before signing up for a long term membership!

  3. Lemigo Hotel just raised their price from 30 to 40,000 rwf per month or 5,000 rwf per session which is totally unreasonable. small space, lack of weight machines but has a good shower room. the gym instructor there just watch you & i don’t think he has an idea of what it is to be an instructor.

    On the other hand, Be Fit 24h, the gym at Amahoro Stadium is a place to be for peeps with shallow pockets like me. has nice machines & native people who work out there are very friendly & well educated. they help you spot when doing some bench press & stuff. staff as well are there teach you proper technique on using the machine. best of all it doesn’t smell stinky even on peak hours such as Sunday morning. Did I say that the gym is 24 hours open?

    There is also another gym which you have not mentioned, the Seven Lakes Gym.. which looks like a spoof of Gold’s Gym. haven’t been there but my room mate said that the place is quite smelly due to the proximity to the river. total suffocation due to small vent windows & the cushions of the machines are totally wrecked out. but has a large selection of treadmills & machines.

  4. So happy to hear that WAKA reduced the price, I was really very expensive, now they have a competitive price, and so far it’s the best gym in Kigali.

  5. Hi guys,
    is there a gym which serves martial art like karate?
    Or is someone interested in those kind of sport?

    Please dont hesitate to write here. Thanks.

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  7. Thank you so much. This is very helpful, currently shopping around for a gym and my close favourites are Waka and the Amahoro gym.

  8. I went to the Cali Fitness several times! It’s very nice there and the service is perfect. They have also a very cool view over Kigali 🙂

  9. Hi,
    i like those gyms but mostly the one i tried WAKA,THE FITNESS FACTORY was cool and amazing enjoyable for me like fencing master

  10. hi,
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  11. You actually forgot the best gym in Rwanda so far…FITNESSPOINT Rwanda, located in Kimihurura, kg 623 st, under the new BWoK cafe. you should really go there and find out yourself… its impressive… nothing we have seen in Kigali before.

    A year membership is 490,000 | 6 months at 300,000 | 3 months at 190,000 | 1month at 70,000 | drop-in at 8000.


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