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The Best Bakeries in Kigali

What’s your favorite pastry? Are you a sweet tooth that loves that moist, fluffy Tiramisu cake that melts in your mouth? Or you prefer the crispy, layered croissant to go with your coffee?

Whichever you prefer, you can find it in the best bakeries in Kigali. We have listed them by location, so you can scroll to your preferred location to find a bakery nearby. 

Let’s explore some of the great options we have in Kigali together! 



Rz Manna

1. Baso Patissier

  • Open Hours: 7 am to 4 pm

Baso Patissier is a little cafe right beneath the Marriott hotel in Kiyovu. 

It offers a nice, quiet ambiance that’s perfect for a solo breakfast date or to get some work done over a croissant and a cappuccino (yes, they’ve got good internet).

Grab a seat outside and enjoy the great view of Kigali over wonderful French pastries. 

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2. Kigali Marriott

  • Open Hours: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Phone: +250 222 111 111

The Kigali Marriott hotel is just a quick, 15-minute walk from the city center. 

The in-house restaurants are open to the public, where you can enjoy a most delightful array of cakes and pastries, among other meals.

Kigali Marriott’s atmosphere brings a fine-dining experience, from its marble floors to the natural light in the building. They also have outdoor seating on a beautiful terrace overlooking the pool.

You can bring your family along on your trip to the Kigali Marriott with its child-friendly space.

Drop by any day for a fabulous cheesecake, or pop in on Sunday afternoon for brunch to have a taste of some of their pastries and desserts as part of a buffet.

Kigali Marriott is quite pricey compared to other bakeries, but it’s definitely worth the price for a classy experience.

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Kigali Town

3. Shaheen Sweet Addiction

If you’re looking for a creative cake to celebrate a birthday, Shaheen Sweet Addiction is the place to go.

Located in town, above Sharma Supermarket, they create lovely, unique cakes fit for any occasion. There’s also has a pastry school where you can learn how to bake.

Visit their pastry shop or send them a quick message on WhatsApp to place your order and get your cake delivered.

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4. Bwok Cafe

  • Open Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Bwok Cafe is a popular destination to meet and catch up with friends. You’ll find a mix of both expats and locals at the Cafe, often in groups enjoying their drinks and meals of choice.

The brick and wood decor and extensive natural light from the large windows provide a great atmosphere, in a contemporary space.

And their menu doesn’t disappoint with its diverse pastry options. 

Grab a freshly baked custard donut, some waffles, or cookies to enjoy with an expertly brewed coffee.

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5. Patisserie Royale

  • Open Hours: 7:30 am to 8 pm

If you’re looking for a fabulous cake for your event, then Patisserie Royale won’t disappoint.

The small bakery exceeds expectations in both their excellent service and super tasty pastries. Their indoor sitting area is a bit dark, but the friendly faces behind the counter more than compensate for this.

Get a slice of cake and a cup of tea or order a custom-made birthday cake for your party. Either way, it will be a fulfilling experience for your taste buds. And easy on your wallet too! 

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6. Hanan Homemade Desserts and Cakes

  • Open Hours: 8 am to 8 pm
  • Phone Number: +250 788 484848.

Hanan is a home-based bakery that comes highly recommended by those who have tried it. And they make some pretty unique desserts and cakes – like tasty-looking Lebanese Qatayefs.

Give them a call or send a message on Facebook to order a delicacy you like.



7. Brioche

  • Open Hours: 7 am to 10 pm

Brioche is a small chain of three restaurants spread across Kigali.

The cozy restaurant is conveniently located next to a busy road, which makes it great to grab a quick breakfast in the morning to start your day.

If you decide to enjoy your meal in the restaurant, note that it gets a little noisy at times due to its location. 

Try their madeleines to go with your drink or a nice, fresh croissant.

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Kigali Heights

8. Slice and Cakes

  • Open Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Slice and Cakes is a small haven for cake lovers and those with a craving for something sweet.

Their cakes and cupcakes are extra moist and fresh. Two favorites that you may find hard to pick between are the red velvet and chocolate cupcakes. 

Slice and Cakes also have some gluten-free options for the gluten intolerant. 

You can pick out a cake from their display or pre-order a customized cake. If you have a kid’s birthday coming up, ask them for the cake design you would like, and they will deliver it.

Slice and Cakes are located on the first floor of Kigali Heights, next to Riders Lounge. 

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9. Simba Gishushu

  • Open Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

If you are looking to pick up a quick, last-minute loaf of bread or some buns while you do your shopping, pass by Simba Gishushu.

It’s located by the roadside on the way from the Convention Centre heading towards Rwanda Development Board and stock an array of freshly baked pastries, including baguettes, bread, and buns. You can also get samosas and meat pies if you’re looking for something different.

Stock up on affordable pastries as well as other home supplies at Simba Gishushu.

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10. Bbrood at Sawaciti

  • Open Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Bbrood is a chain of bakeries in East Africa and the Netherlands.

It derives its name from the Dutch translation of bread. True to its name, Bbrood specializes in baking healthy sourdough bread with no added preservatives.

You can also get Bbrood products at the Sawa Citi branch in Kiyovu.

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11. Marine Bakery and Cafe (Part of Marine Supermarket)

  • Open Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Marine Bakery and Cafe is quite new, attached to the Marine supermarket in Kimironko. 

They offer some baked goods, including a nice, sweet loaf of yellow bread and the baguette. 

The cafe has a cozy vibe, and while it’s next to the road, it’s built in a way that stops the traffic from disturbing the atmosphere. 

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Final Thoughts ( & My Favorite Bakery in Kigali)

And there you have it, Kigali’s best bakeries. Try them out and tell us what you think. 

And if you are ever at Slice and Cakes in Kigali Heights, share which you like more between the chocolate cupcakes and the red velvet ones.

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  1. I think Brioche is an absolute rip off. Their cakes aren’t even fresh, which I discovered after buying one only to find the middle frozen solid!

  2. Interesting because I had the same problem last night. I did ask and they said that its because freezing them is part of the process and that bavarois must always be frozen. Thats news to me. Anyway still love Brioche!!

  3. My name is Rwihimba yves I do like pastry bakery job . I know how to do that and I would like to asking for job in brionche companies I like how all kiosks look am able to work for you if I get that chance and place in brionche campaign thank you!!


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