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Kigali’s Best and Cheapest Meals

This is not an article about where to go for the best buffets or even an article on crafting a meal out of samosas bought at the corner store. No, this is an article bringing together two attributes we’re wild about here at Living in Kigali: cheapness and good quality. A lot of restaurants in our fair city, while serving up better food than ever, are often overpriced or out of range for our thriftiest readers. And trying to find a place to eat in Kimihurura or Kiyovu without breaking the bank can be an absolute pain – so – with that in mind, we’ve made a list of our favorite restaurants around the city that have delectable and affordable options. Read on for Kigali’s ten cheapest, best, and most filling meals!

Baso Patissier

Panini, Baso Patissier, Kigali

Though located in Kiyovu and easily the best bakery in town, Baso manages to offer a couple of menu items that are really well priced. Check out their burger for only Rwf 3,000 – it’s pretty large and also comes with a decent amount of fries. If you’re feeling indulgent, and, like me, have a hard time walking away from Baso Patissier without a sweet treat, snag their mouthwatering vanilla eclair for Rwf 3,000.

Come Again Bar

Come Again Bar

Known for its akabenz, Come Again is always one of the most popular places in town. Go with a group of friends to share a couple of kilograms of roasted and marinated pork  (and a couple of cold beers, because you deserve it) for approximately Rwf 2,000 per kilo. Yeah we know – that’s some cheap meat.

Fantastic Restaurant

Fantastic is a Kigali classic. It’s been around for many years, and is always packed with Rwandans piling their plates sky high at the buffet.  For Rwf 2,000 a plate, the price is oh so worth it. Vegetarians, rejoice – there are beans, salads, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and options aplenty!

Fat Mama’s Kitchen

This is the place to go when you’re broke, but don’t want to skimp on the deliciousness. Fat Mama’s Kitchen, a casual Indian eatery, has a couple of particularly stupendous (and cheap) items on their menu that don’t go beyond Rwf 4,500. Check out their samosa chaat (Rwf 1,500)  – a delicious samosa broken apart and coated in a fresh yogurt dipping sauce and crunchy bits. Also look into their various paneer dishes – flavorful and light, they’re a real treat.

Food & Go

Tortilla Soup, Food & Go, Kigali

This new casual cafe recently opened up in the front entrance of WAKA. Offering fresh salads and sandwiches (ranging from RWF 2,500 to 5,500) Food and Go is open daily. Plus, their full size salads are huge and last for more than one meal. Keep in mind this is takeaway only – there are not any places to sit and eat.

Inzora Rooftop Cafe

Granola, Inzora Rooftop Cafe, Kigali

I know, I know – we are all aware of Inzora’s delicious and relatively inexpensive offerings. Though their coffees and fresh sodas are delicious, they’re not exactly great for folks on a budget. However, their sumptuous and honey-brushed grilled cheese (RWF 4,500) with a side of paprika and chickpea smashed cucumbers is filling and well worth the expense.  The yogurt, granola, and passionfruit bowl (Rwf 2,500) is also a great breakfast deal.


Japanda, Kigali

Goodness Japanda is reliable. Their kaarage chicken donburi bowl, in addition to being on my favorite meals in Kigali list, is surprisingly well priced at Rwf 3,500. This rice, chicken, and vegetable bowl is warming, filling, and comes with a few satisfying side dishes. Grab a couple of other cheap but food-loving buds, and bask in the glory that is Japanda.

Meze Fresh

Kigali’s Best and Cheapest Meals

Meze Fresh, Kigali’s only Mexican joint, comes through with fresh tacos and burritos that take advantage of Rwanda’s great produce and don’t break the bank. Their vegetable tacos and burrito bowl start at Rwf 3,000, and are dang good.

Mr. Chips

Mr. Chips, Kigali

Ah, Mr. Chips. Classic, greasy, wonderful, and, without a doubt, my favorite Kigali hangover cure. They have managed to keep their prices impressively low over the years (Rwf 3,700 without chips), and their different burger offerings (beef, chicken, falafel, you name it) are all very enjoyable.

Panorama 10 to 2

Kigali’s Best and Cheapest Meals

This view though! Very few spots in town can beat the brightly lit Nyamirambo view from this neighborhood classic. Panorama 10 to 2, while famous for its Big Fish, also has some other great and cheap offerings. Big Fish is usually about Rwf 12,000, and when split between three people is a pretty good deal. However, if you have a hungry crew or are on your own, their brochettes come through as well. Grab a goat brochettes for just Rwf 700, or a fish brochettes (I think these are some of the best in town) for Rwf 1,000.

Ok my fellow thrifty Kigali-ites –  are we missing any stellar and cheap spots from our list? Let us know in the comments. And  happy eating!

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  1. There is a very good Indonesian food restaurant in Kinamba called Borneo coffee shop and resto, The food is good and cheap.


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