Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Hut – Your Sanctuary Amidst the Hills

A Culinary and Sensory Retreat in the Heart of Kigali

Embracing the Kigali spirit! Just moved and now rocking the role of Living In Kigali’s new owner. Yep, big shoes to fill, just like Kirsty did!

Have you been to The Hut yet? Well, The Hut got an upgrade! Now, on the 4th floor, it’s all about those stunning hill views. This is my third time here and the fantastic food and stellar service still blows me away.

And guess what?

Outdoor/indoor vibes for days thanks to the new setup. It’s like the land of a thousand hills decided to show off just for us. Walking into this place feels like a warm hug 🤗, with chill tunes playing and a cool breeze that had my son going,

‘Mommy, this is niiiiiice!’

But wait, there’s more! We tried these cool detox drinks where you can basically mix and match. I went for a lemonade ginger with honey thing 🍋🍯, and my kid? Well, he went all in with freshly squeezed pineapple juice.

The Hut Kigali Rwanda. Detox drink. Lemonade ginger or freshly squeezed pineapple juice.

Now, onto the main event 🍽️! I’m all about that slow-cooked spicy goat with dodo (veggies, yum!) and Naan bread with peanut sauce. Classic move, right? And my son? He dived into creamy mushroom sauce with chicken parmesan. Flavor party, anyone? 🎉

Now for some delectable food pics. The challenge? Try not to drool!

Creamy pasta with mushroom sauce The Hut Kigali Rwanda
creamy pasta with mushrooms and two pieces of bread. The Hut Kigali Rwanda
slow-cooked spicy goat with dodo with naan bread and spicy peanut sauce. The Hut Kigali Rwanda
The Hut Kigali Rwanda

Hands down, this place gets a solid five stars again ⭐🌟. The vibes, food, and the whole shebang are just too good to resist!


The HUT Restaurant & Boutique Hotel
No.1, KG 646St, Rugando, Kimihurura (Behind Kigali Convention Center)

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