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Kigali Sparkles with ‘Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders’ Charity Event

On a bright and memorable Friday evening, November 24th, Kigali was abuzz with excitement. The much-awaited ‘Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders’ charity gala was the talk of the town, held at Choose Kigali. This special event was a creation of the Living in Kigali team. The goal? To gather support and funds for families in Kigali who could really use a helping hand.

Kigali Sparkles with ‘Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders’ Charity Event

The venue, Choose Kigali, was a sight to behold that night. It became a vibrant center of goodwill and leadership, thanks to the Living in Kigali community. People from all walks of life joined in – whether they were innovative entrepreneurs, creative artists, passionate musicians, or locals and expats from around the world. Everyone was there with one purpose: to contribute to a brighter future for Kigali’s families in need.

The evening was also a fashion parade of sorts. Guests showed up in stunning outfits, choosing shades of green and coral – colors that symbolize growth, hope, and new beginnings. It was a beautiful sight, with everyone dressed to impress and ready to make a difference.

Another highlight was Sandra, a talented poet and writer from the LIK team. Her poetry was so touching and inspiring, it left the audience absolutely spellbound.

Kigali Sparkles with ‘Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders’ Charity Event

And then there was Ola’s speech. Far from the run-of-the-mill corporate monologue, it was imbued with sincerity and passion.; it was heartfelt, it was real, and it struck a chord. She talked about the childrens in need and how fulfilling it was to be able to take care of their basic school necessities. We just received a recent update that one of the children we were taking care of carried 7th position out of 50 kids and 86.1% and that says a lot of a child who didn’t start school till the middle of a school term. For all of the LIK Squad and Ola, each child feels like our very own and we will continue to give updates on their progress. 


Even the weather played its part in making the night memorable. Yes, there was a bit of rain here and there, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. The gala started off quietly, but as the evening progressed, the energy and excitement built up. Soon, the place was alive with music, dancing, and laughter, a true celebration of community and hope.

This gala was a first of its kind for Living in Kigali. Despite a few raindrops, the evening was a resounding success and has set the stage for what’s sure to become a yearly must-attend event in Kigali’s charitable scene.

But the real triumph of the night lay in its impact. The gala managed to raise a substantial sum of money, all of which is going towards educational opportunities for children from families struggling to make ends meet. Stories of people like Rahamat Bamuhigire and Deborah UWASE, symbols of resilience and hope, were at the heart of this fundraising drive, reminding everyone why they were there.

As the evening unfolded, the formalities gently gave way to a more relaxed vibe. What started as a gathering of ‘Kigali’s who is that guy’, soon turned into dinner. And damn was the food great! Lowkey I don’t remember what I ate, I just know it tasted like heaven. Then the music got a bit louder, the conversations a bit more animated, and the dancing came – the kind that makes you forget you’re at a gala.

So, that was the night Kigali shone a little brighter, filled with the spirit of giving, hope, and a shared vision for nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.

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A special shout out to our GRAND sponsors

Choose Kigali – Venue, Food, Drinks, & 1st class service

Kigali Sparkles with ‘Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders’ Charity Event

MC Lion Imanzi

Kigali Sparkles with ‘Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders’ Charity Event

Fredy – Live Music

Keza Mirror Booth

And our very own Sandra for the powerful spoken words.

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