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Trusted House Staff

Driver – Posted May 9th 2023

Review from previous employer:

“Moving out of Kigali and my driver is looking for a job. He has 5 years of experience, he’s educated and qualified. His name is Adolphe and his contact is his 0782518762Cincinnati Alvelo

Driver and house helper Posted May 9th 2023

Review from previous employer:

“Hi everyone, we left Rwanda last August but just learned that our former guard, Emanuel is now looking for employment. We could not recommend him more highly. He wasn’t just a guard, but incredibly resourceful and willing to help in any variety of ways: washing dishes, seeking out vendors and overseeing house repairs and yard work, negotiating prices, coordinating utilities billing, purchasing housing materials, light carpentry, gardening, mopping, cleaning, etc. He took lots of initiative and was very hard working and incredibly trustworthy. He was also very friendly and brought a warm and positive attitude always. My girls loved playing games with him as well. He made our lives better in so many ways! You can reach Emanuel on WhatsApp or phone at +250 788 823 313.” – Deanna Ford

Guard & Driver – English speaking – March 11th 2023

Trusted House Staff

Review from previous employer:

Dear friends, Nathan started off as a guard for our house a month after we landed in Rwanda nearly four years ago. But being a smart, honest, ambitious, hard-working, and kind person, he quickly graduated to being the backbone of our household, and took care of almost everything — from buying groceries to driving our kids to and from their daycare to managing our other staff. He was also the sole caregiver of our boys once they started going to daycare. We have tried our best to help him start an independent life, but our leaving Rwanda in an emergency has meant that he is struggling with an immediate steady source of income for his young family.

He has proven himself to be a very reliable driver for us for more than two years, and showed a lot of perseverance to get a type-C license recently, which allows him to drive trucks also. His English communication is pretty good. He can manage a budget efficiently and has even conducted market research as our professional assistant. He would prefer driving and gardening jobs (the beautiful garden in the photos below was started and maintained by him) , but can also be considered for delivery jobs (using his motorbike). A well-paid job as the driver of a bigger vehicle or truck will of course be ideal.

He is family to us; he sincerely loves our kids and our kids love him back. We can bet on his honesty and dedication with our lives.

Trusted House Staff

Nathan +250 787 916 119 – Available now

You can reach out to Shoaib for additional reference on Nathan.

Shoaib Munir – +1 480 913 1610 | [email protected]

Housekeeper & Nanny – Local French speaking – Posted March 2023

Review from previous employer:

Hello to Parents in Kigali,

We leave Rwanda in a few months and my super nanny Chantal will be available to care for a new family. She has taken care of my son since he was 5 months old (he’s 4 today), I can say I trust her with my eyes closed.

Confidently taking care of my son, she is very involved with him on a daily basis: outdoor games, various construction, reading. She is attentive to children’s needs and follows instructions very precisely.

She takes care of my son before and after school and takes care of the housekeeping when he is in school: overall cleaning, laundry, and all the daily groceries. She knows how to manage a given budget.

It is very neat and applied. She knows how to cook but very simple things: soups, fruit juice. She is used to dogs as well.

She speaks French and Kinyarwanda. She is available from the end of July/mid August, on a full time contract.

She has signed up for a long term contract with us in good working conditions and salary, given her skills I hope she can find us a good family to follow.

Do not hesitate to write to me by PM for any information, I am a reference for her, a phone call is also possible if more convenient.

Trusted House Staff

Chantal Umutesi +250 788 464 540 – Available July/August 2023

You can reach out to Niaina for additional reference on Chantal

Niaina Rakotomavo – +33 7 78 56 95 26

Housekeeper & Cook – French Speaking – Posted March 2023

Trusted House Staff

I am leaving Kigali soon and would like to recommend my house help Marie-Josée if you are looking for someone reliable to join your family. She has worked for me for the past two years and she is a gem to have around. She speaks perfect French and can help you with cleaning, food preparations and laundry. On top of that she is great with dogs.

Marie-Josée has prior experience working for several households, as well as international organisations (HI, MSF). She is very punctual, attentive, and extremely kind. She will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am until 5 pm.

You can reach out to Katrin Bouwens for additional reference on Marie-Josée

[email protected] +32494905253

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