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Serviced Apartments in Kigali

Are you looking for a place to stay in Kigali? If so, consider renting a serviced apartment. 

Serviced apartments offer all of the convenience of a hotel, but with the added bonus of space and privacy. There are many different serviced apartments in Kigali, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. 

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the 18 best-serviced apartments in Kigali. Whether you are here on business or just want somewhere that feels like home, I’m sure you’ll find the right place for you on the list. 



Rose Garden Private Apartments serviced apartments in Kigali

Rose Garden Private Apartments

Rose Garden Private Apartments are luxury apartments that consist of two and three-bedroom units. Each apartment comes with a well-equipped kitchen. You also get access to a washing machine in the apartment for laundry. Each unit is designed with impeccable decor, complementing the practical amenities for comfort.

Rose Garden Private Apartments are located about one kilometre from MTN Centre, a commercial building that hosts several stores, banks, and a forex bureau. You can conveniently shop for toiletries, food, and other items here and get local currency just down the road from your apartment.

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $8,000
  • Available Options: 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom
  • Phone: 0733888899

White Stone Apartments

The cozy, tasteful furniture at White Stone Apartments will make you feel right at home. Each room has a private balcony, and some rooms also include a lawn on their balcony, making it feel like you have a small backyard. You’ll also be treated to a view of the lovely green lawns at Kigali Golf Course. White Stone Apartments include a fully equipped gym you can use between meetings or exploring adventures in Kigali. 

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $3,000 
  • Available Options: 1 BR/2 BR/ 3 BR
  • Phone: 0788302711

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Ecoair Apartment Hotel serviced apartments in Kigali

Ecoair Apartment Hotel

Ecoair Apartment Hotel mixes modern decor with African pieces giving its homes a warm, comfortable feel. You can lounge in the shared garden space, with seating areas among the plants and green grass, or in the apartments’ private balconies. Ecoair Apartment Hotel has placed stovetops in each of their apartments, so you can cook your own meals while staying with them. And, when you don’t want to cook, you can order food from the apartments’ organic coffee shop and restaurant.

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: $1,500
  • Available Options: 1 BR
  • Phone: 0788832817


Ubumwe Grande Hotel serviced apartments in Kigali

Ubumwe Grande Hotel

Although Ubumwe Grande Hotel is primarily a hotel, it also features one and two-bedroom apartments with hotel perks like a fully stocked mini-bar, slippers, and bathrobes. Ubumwe Grand Hotel’s apartments have small kitchens, a desk and chair to work from, and a pull-out sofa bed for larger groups of guests. That makes it great for families looking for extra sleeping space. 

While you can cook in the apartment, you also have access to the hotel’s restaurant and rooftop bar and grill, where you can chill and choose your preferred meal from the multiple options on their menu.

Ubumwe Grande Hotel also features an infinity heated rooftop pool and a fitness centre.

  •  Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: $3,500
  • Available Options: 1BR / 2 BR 
  • Phone: 0788165700
Serviced apartments in Kigali

Grazia Apartments

Staying at Grazia Apartments comes with a variety of continental breakfast options each morning, at no additional cost. Apart from that, you also have the apartment’s pool, gym facilities, and spa. Inside the apartments, the amenities provided differ. For instance, some have a kitchen while others don’t. If you’d like access to kitchen equipment, book a home with a kitchen.

Grazia Apartments are especially recommended when you’re on vacation. They don’t have a desk and chair to work from, so you’d need to improvise a working space, but they do have free wifi for guests. 

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: No
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $2,000
  • Available Options: 1 BR/ 2 BR
  • Phone: 0788862351
Rohi Apartments serviced apartments in Kigali

Rohi Apartments

Rohi Apartments are located right behind the Parliament of Rwanda and 200 metres from the Kigali Convention Centre, making them ideal for business stays or exploring Kigali. They feature large, spacious rooms with tasteful classical decor that will make your stay comfortable. To add to your comfort, the apartments include fully equipped kitchens with a fridge, microwave, oven, and toaster. Some apartments also have large bathtubs for added indulgence.

Rohi Apartments come with air conditioning and also provide working space with a basic chair and table. 

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: No
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $2,300
  • Available Options: 1 BR / 2 BR
  • Phone: +250 788 306 040


Welkom to MyPlace serviced apartments in Kigali

Welkom to MyPlace

Welkom to MyPlace may be a weird name for a serviced apartment, but it suits this particular home. The 7-bedroomed mansion owners will make you feel quite welcome here, by helping you settle in. Don’t be intimidated by the 7 bedrooms. You don’t need to book all of them. You can pick a smaller package of one, two, or three bedrooms.

Staying at Welkom to MyPlace would give you access to its shared living room, the kitchen where you can cook your own meals, and the large garden that is ideal to play or lounge in. 

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $1,800
  • Available Options: 3BR / 7BR
  • Phone: 0784059802

Serene Crest Apartments

Serene Crest Apartments has four flours of two and three-bedroomed apartments with simple yet elegant furniture. Each apartment has a TV, dining area, and kitchen equipment (fridge, microwave, stove) in its open-plan kitchen. The apartments also have free Wi-Fi and daily breakfast delivered to your apartment. Serene Crest Apartments also have a large parking spot and a swimming pool for its guests. 

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $1,500 
  • Available Options: 2 BR / 3 BR
  • Phone: 0788305689


Executive Suites

The Executive Suites apartments in Kiyovu are a short walking distance from the city centre. You can walk to the market in the city centre for fresh grocery shopping, and get more supplies in shops around the centre. You also have access to the rooftop gym and the swimming pool. 

Each apartment includes a well-fitted kitchen with a large fridge, stove, and microwave. Their living rooms and bedrooms are spacious, featuring dark furniture that gives the apartment an elegant feel.

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $2,500 
  • Available Options: 1 BR/ 2BR
  • Phone: 0784793121


Shami Luxury Apartment

Shami Luxury Apartments are simple apartments with a small living area, tiny kitchen, and a bedroom or two. While they are small, they have all the basic necessities, including a fridge, microwave and cooker, a desk and chair, and a TV for entertainment. Shami Luxury Apartments are especially suitable for people looking for a budget apartment. 

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: 700 $
  • Available Options:1 BR/ 2 BR
  • Phone: 0786103713


Vision City Apartments

Vision City Apartments are ideal for extended stays of a month and more. They feature large, spacious apartments, villas, and mansions in a gated estate that overlooks the rest of Kigali. Within the gated estate, you’ll find multiple amenities, including a large playground for kids, a basketball court, a tennis court and gym, and a mini-mart for basic items like foodstuff and toiletries. 

The apartments come fully furnished with a living room area complete with a couch and flatscreen TV. They also include kitchens with ovens and fridges, and some units feature a washing machine. 

Note that it’s a pretty large estate, so having a vehicle or a taxi contact on hand will save you the long walk to the main road.

  • Daily: No
  • Weekly: No
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from 800 $
  • Available Options: 2 BR / 3 BR / 4 BR
  • Phone: 0783837414


Salama Village serviced apartments in Kigali

Salama Village

The quiet, peaceful environment at Salama Village will be the first thing you notice. Complete with a well-kept garden, and multiple plants all around the building, Salama Village will have you feeling relaxed before stepping foot in the actual building.

Once inside, you’ll be treated to spacious and colorful apartments with basic amenities like cooking pots and pans, an oven, and a fridge. The apartments come with free breakfast, as well as linens and towels.

Salama Village is also ideally located a walking distance from art centres like Niyo Art Gallery, as well as several restaurants and cafes, giving you multiple options to explore within the neighborhood.

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $1,500
  • Available Options: 2BR & 3BR
  • Phone: 0788322301


High Ground Villa serviced apartments in Kigali

High Ground Villa

Set atop Rebero Mountain, High Ground Villa offers panoramic views of Kigali, including a beautiful view of Kigali’s twinkling lights by night. The apartments are African-themed with Kitenge fabric bedding and sofas, as well as textured wooden furniture that’s particularly beautiful for those that like rugged looks. 

Some apartments at High Ground Villa have a fully equipped kitchen and a balcony, while all the apartments come with free wifi and breakfast. High Ground Villa is great for large groups of 6 people or more, as you would need to book the whole 3 or 4-bedroomed apartments.

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: No
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $3,600
  • Available Options: 3 BR & 4BR
  • Phone: 0788505777

Kigali Village Suites

Featuring a private pool, lovely gardens, and parking space for guests with personal vehicles, Kigali Village Suites consists of 3 bedroomed apartments. Each apartment has a living room, kitchen, and dining area, complete with cooking equipment and a fridge. You’ll also have access to complimentary WiFi.

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: $900
  • Available Options: 3 BR
  • Phone: 0787694077


Phoenix Apartment serviced apartments in Kigali

Phoenix Apartment

Phoenix Apartment in Kicukiro is just down the road from Nyandugu Urban Wetland Ecotourism Park, a lovely park you can visit during your stay in Kigali. Each apartment features a kitchen where you can cook, a stove, microwave, and fridge, and clean, minimalist living rooms and bedrooms.

The apartment building also features a swimming pool and gym, and a restaurant whose menu features Asian and local Rwandan food.

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $1,650
  • Available Options: 1BR / 2 BR / 3 BR 
  • Phone: 0785664937


Madras Hotel & Apartments

Each apartment suite at Madras Hotel and Apartments has a couch and TV in its living room area, a kitchen with fridge, microwave and kettle, and a private bathroom. Madras Hotel and Apartments also have a gym for its guests, ample parking, and a restaurant on site serving local African cuisine. 

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: $1,500
  • Available Options: 1 BR / 2 BR
  • Phone: 0788305684

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Mountain View Apartments serviced apartments in Kigali

Mountain View Apartments

The helpful staff at Mountain View Apartments will go above and beyond to ensure your stay here is pleasant. The apartments come in different sizes, with some having a balcony, a TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom with a hot tub. 

You can get a great view of Kigali’s hilly landscape if you stay at the apartments on the higher floors. All apartments also feature a view of the building’s beautiful, well-maintained gardens. The road to the apartments is a dirt road that gets quite dark at night so be sure to take a taxi or motorbike on your way back to the apartment for better visibility after dark.

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: from $1,050
  • Available Options: 1BR / 2 BR/ 3 BR 
  • Phone: 0788912646


Kigaliview Hotel and Apartment serviced apartments in Kigali

Kigaliview Hotel and Apartment

Kigaliview Hotel and Apartment looks like a resort, with a swimming pool and a shared lounge area covered by a thatched roof. Inside the building, are stylish apartments that feature kitchenettes with microwaves and stove tops, as well as seating areas with cosy couches. 

The apartment offers all its guests continental and English breakfast options at no additional fee. You can also access meals at the on-site restaurant, which serves local African cuisine and some select international meals. 

  • Daily: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes
  • Monthly: Yes
  • Monthly Rental: $1,200
  • Available Options: 2 BR 
  • Phone: 0781773330

Bottom Line

Whichever area you’ll be staying at in Kigali, whether in Kacyiru, close to multiple embassies, or Kiyovu for easier access to the city centre, you’ll find a serviced apartment option from our list. Get started on your trip to Kigali, and book a stay with any of the listed apartments. 

Let us know which apartment you decide on, and share your experience.

And, if you’re looking for fun, interesting places to explore while in Kigali, you can check out the best art galleries and museums to add to your list.

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