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Sending Money to Rwanda: 10 Ways to Transfer Money in 2022

Which financial service platform do you use when sending money to Rwanda? 

In my experience, I prefer platforms that have clear transaction charges without any hidden fees. In addition, being informed of the amount to be received in real-time is a huge bonus.

This article guides you to the platforms one can use when sending money to Rwanda. It will help when you have no clue how to send money or feel overwhelmed and confused about which platform to choose when transferring money.

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The 3 Best Ways To Send Money to Rwanda

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HeptaPay money transfer


  • Receiving options: mobile money top-up; electricity token; MoMo Pay
  • Fees: 6% per transaction in Rwanda; market exchange rates.

HeptaPay is a small African startup that has revolutionized sending money to Rwanda – and recently, Kenya – overseas. Anyone with a credit or debit card can instantly send cash to someone in Rwanda via Momo, Airtel Mobile Money, or MoMo Pay. Even Better, you can even pay utility bills (i.e., electricity) via Heptapay.

Transfers are almost instant, and Heptapay has the lowest fees on this list. We use it all the time, even to pay our writers.


  • Low fees for micropayments
  • No sign-in or app download is required. You can send money as a ’guest.’
  • Fast – transfers take less than 30 seconds.
  • Accepts global cards
  • Straightforward pricing – No hidden/additional fees
  • Pay for electricity in Rwanda using your credit or debit card
  • Market exchange rates


  • No cash pickup or bank transfer options
Sending Money to Rwanda: 10 Ways to Transfer Money in 2022


  • Receiving options: Cash pickup; Bank transfer; Mobile money
  • Fees: Starting from $2.99 per transfer

Remitly’s primary goal is to help immigrants in developed countries send money home to their families and friends in developing nations. You need to create a free account and choose one of the several delivery options to facilitate how the recipient will access the money. The delivery options include different banks, Airtel and MTN Rwanda in Rwanda.


  • Sends within minutes from your phone
  • You and the receiver will have status updates
  • Cost friendly options to choose from: Express and Economy
  • Promotional rates for new customers
  • Has home delivery option that you can choose


  • Transfers could take longer in some situations, like canceling the transaction
  • Sign-in is required
Sending Money to Rwanda: 10 Ways to Transfer Money in 2022


  • Receiving options: Bank transfer; Mobile money; Cash pick-ups
  • Fees: $6 per transaction in Rwanda; market exchange rates

WorldRemit is a cross-border digital payments service that lets you send money to Rwanda through your laptop, phone, or WorldRemit app. There are different options you can choose to pay for the transaction fee to facilitate the process of sending money, which includes debit or credit card and bank transfers.


  • It pays to refer a friend
  • Zero fees on your first three transactions
  • Highlight the charges incurred before completing the payment
  • It is fast
  • Has multilingual customer service for up to 6 different languages


  • In some circumstances, there could be intense verification before sending money.
  • You need to create a World Remit account
  • There could be some limitations on cash pickups depending on the payment method used to fund the transfer
  • Some transactions could delay
Sending Money to Rwanda: 10 Ways to Transfer Money in 2022

Western Union

  • Receiving options: Cash pick up; bank transfer
  • Fees: $2.50 per transaction

Western Union is an international money transfer service with several outlets in Rwanda. In these outlets, one can walk in to send and receive money with the help of an agent. In addition, there is still an online option where you can send money and receive cash at the Western Union outlets.


  • When sending money, the receiver can access the money in any outlet during office hours.
  • There is no limitation on how much money to send.
  • There are representatives in different locations to assist with the process.


  • Some delays may be experienced in certain situations like different time zones or the selection of delayed options.
  • The exchange rates may not favor the senders in some situations
  • Funds must be picked in person

M-Pesa Global

  • Receiving options: Mobile money; Bank Transfer; PayPal; Western Union Location
  • Fees: Zero charges; Forex rates apply

M-Pesa Global enables registered Safaricom customers in Rwanda to send and receive money quickly. In addition, you can send money directly to the MTN Rwanda line using a USSD code. Besides mobile money, there are different delivery options; one can still receive in the preferred bank and Western Union location. 


  • Precise details of the amount the recipient will receive
  • No hidden fees
  • Zero charges
  • The amount received is in the country’s currency


  • Theft cases are common where the sender may input the wrong digit of the receiver
  • Only available to Safaricom customers


  • Receiving options: Third Party options
  • Fees: Vary

Rwanda is among the countries that can’t receive but only send payments through PayPal. However, third-party options facilitate sending and receiving payments while in Rwanda. 


  • The sender doesn’t have to expose their banking details


  • You need a third party to receive and withdraw money while using Paypal in Rwanda.
  • There could be delays while using the preferred third party choice
  • Could be expensive


  • Receiving options: Bank transfer; Mobile money; Cash pickup
  • Fees: $2.99

Xoom is a digital Paypal service that enables one to send money to Rwanda from a PayPal or Xoom account. In addition, there is money Go Xoom app that is equipped with biometric login features and can be accessed both at the Apple Store and Google Play to make it easy to send money with a few taps on the phone. Sending money to Rwanda is convenient to anyone with a PayPal, credit card, or debit card. 


  • There are many locations for cash pick-ups
  • Conveniently pay with Paypal, credit card, & debit card 
  • Ability to track transactions using the biometric login credentials


  • Daily, monthly and six-month limits
  • Higher fees to send money using credit/debit cards
  • Does not charge fees for transfer from Paypal accounts


  • Receiving options: Bank transfers; mobile money; Cash pick-ups
  • Fees: $2

Paysend is an international financial service provider that facilitates money transfer online with flat fees. You can download a Paysend app that facilitates money transfer through a few taps. The recipient can access funds at their Rwandan bank account or mobile money with flat fees on any amount of money.


  • Flat fees
  • Competitive exchange rates


  • No cashier to guide you through the process.


  • Receiving options: Cash pickup; Bank transfers
  • Fees: Vary based on transaction details

Different banks serve as an agent for MoneyGram money transfers in Rwanda. When sending money using MoneyGram, the recipient can only receive the money in local currency. You need to provide a valid photo ID (passport, national ID, or residence permit) to access the funds.


  • There are several pick up locations in Rwanda
  • Offers instant transfers
  • Offers transfer discounts for frequent users


  • The fees indicated before completing the payment vary from the final price charged after a transaction.
  • You cannot track the payments.
  • There is a limitation on how much one can send money
  • Funds must be picked in person

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

  • Receiving options: Mobile Money, Airtel Money, AirtelTigo, Mastercard, MTN, or VISA 
  • Fees: Vary depending on the crypto exchange you choose

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be exchanged in different markets in Rwanda with varying fees depending on their terms and conditions. 

The payment options are limited, and money can be lost easily.

Final Thoughts

Sending money to Rwanda from overseas is convenient depending on the platform that caters to you and the recipient’s needs.

Before sending money, make sure you understand everything you will be charged, carefully compare transfer fees and exchange rates. 

Lastly, fees for sending money may vary by the delivery option you choose and current forex exchange rates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sending Money to Rwanda

How can I send money from the USA to Rwanda?

You can send money from the USA to Rwanda using secure platforms like Western Union, MoneyGram, HeptaPay, WorldRemit, Remitly, M-Pesa Global.

How do I send money to MTN Rwanda?

You can send money directly to MTN Rwanda using secure platforms like HeptaPay, Remitly, WorldRemit, Paysend, Xoom, and M-Pesa Global.

Does Rwanda have PayPal?

Rwanda has PayPal but with limited features. One cannot receive money directly without relying on a third-party service provider. 

How can I send money from the UK to Rwanda?

You can send money from the UK to Rwanda using secure platforms like Hepatpay, Western Union, MoneyGram, Remitly, WorldRemit, Xoom, PaySend.

Does Cashapp work in Rwanda?

Cashapp is currently not working in Rwanda.

What currency does Rwanda use?

Rwandan Francs is the currency that Rwanda uses.

How do I send money to mobile money in Rwanda?

Several platforms allow you to send money safely to mobile money in Rwanda: Heptapay, M-Pesa Global, WorldRemit, Paysend, Remitly, and Xoom.

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      • My suggestion would be if your PayPal doesn’t work, try the following tips:
        1. Withdraw money from PayPal using the Xoom PayPal service.
        2. Withdraw money from PayPal via Safaricom MPESA-line or Equity bank
        3. However, if you register your PayPal account from a country with no limitations, it could be possible to work while living here in Rwanda.
        I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you once again for taking the time to read.


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