Saturday, June 1, 2024

Brains and Bites: Quiz Night at Sole Luna

When: 07:00pm – 09:00 PM on Tuesdays
Venue: Sole Luna
Cost: Free!

There is no better way to wrap up your Tuesday evening with friends, family, and strangers than joining Quiz Night at Sol e Luna. It is open to everyone; you get to test your knowledge, enjoy some delicious Italian food, a variety of pizza, and wash it all down with fresh juices, wine, and local beer. 

Anyone can go with their team, which can have a maximum of six people. It’s highly recommended that you book a table beforehand, as the quiz night is incredibly popular, and you don’t want to miss out on the fun. If you don’t book, you might end up being placed in a corner, too far from the action.

Arrive early; I suggest getting your food order in by 7:00 pm so that you can enjoy your meal before the quiz begins. The quiz itself starts at 7:30 pm and usually goes on until 9:30 pm. Be warned, though – if you don’t order your food early enough, you might get your food after the quiz is over!

The quiz format is straightforward – you usually start with a visual round on a paper on your table, followed by the quiz masters reading out the rest of the questions. The questions don’t have a particular theme, and there are about 50-60 questions in total. Rounds also have themes like “geography” or “birds” every 5-10 questions. There are some really creative rounds. Expect questions like, “who said this – Confucius or SpongeBob?”

And the best part? If you come in first place, your entire bill is on the house. If you come in second place, only your local beers and wines are on the house. And if you win, you’ll get to lead the quiz the following week!

While there’s sometimes music, most people ask that the music be turned down so they can hear the questions. And don’t worry if you don’t have a full team – many people show up as individuals and join a team. Just make sure to bring a pen!

Many are skeptical, but quickly become hooked on their first night at Sol e Luna. I hope to see you there!

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  1. May have somthing to do with falling asleep half-way through as well…. no? Whatever happened to the sensory quizzes! Where you could smell and touch and listen and all that?!

  2. @kickin I blame the Gnome.

    @inga Come on… they’re not that bad! Although the time there was a 50 question quiz with around six questions about Scandinavian tennis players was not fun.

  3. There was a quiz night at an Irish pub in Germany that I loved going to – I’ll have to check out the Rwandan version as soon as we arrive!

  4. Cool! Is this the kind of quiz where the ask for the first country to organize the eurovision songfestival, or nummer of exact square feet of australia, or the name of the 10th president of the US? The kind of questions that tear you apart, because you think you should now something about it, but that your memory failed by an inch to make the jump?

    • The quiz is the kind that can sometimes excite and, more often, destroy your soul. It’s good when the team in charge put some effort in but it’s sort of hit and miss. Usually pretty USA/UK-centric, though. But the pizza’s good, the wine is ok and it can be a good night out. 🙂


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