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Question Coffee

I will admit that I’m not a coffee aficionado. I drink it, possibly more than I should, and I like it. But if you ask me about what makes a good cup of coffee, I have no idea. My level of coffee knowledge probably only extends as far as ‘ground coffee is better than Nescafe’ and that’s about it. But my fine friends at Go Kigali Tours spent a lot of time in Ethiopia and they know coffee and they say it’s the best in Kigali, and I’m inclined to agree with them.

It better be good because coffee is pretty much all that’s on offer here! There are a few choices for tea, but coffee is king. They have all of the fancy gear and you can even buy a Chemex or try pour over coffee. The one downside to Question Coffee is that they don’t serve food. They have a little case of pastries (from Baso Patissier so they’re awesome), but that’s about it. I’ve heard that they’ll be getting food in several months but, in the meantime, you’ll have to get your fill of coffee and pastries. Which, I suppose, isn’t all that bad, really!


Pain au Chocolate, Question Coffee, Kigali


Question Coffee has been around for several years and they’re an interesting company in that they put a lot of focus in supporting local farmers, especially women growers. They work with the Relationship Coffee Institute to reinvest their proceeds back into the communities that grow their coffee in the form of growing and business training to help them get a better yield but also to encourage women to take up leadership positions on their farm and to become better business people.

Question Coffee, Kigali

Question Coffee Stockists

If you don’t want to make the trip to the cafe (which is just silliness, you totally should!) then, fear not, because you’ll find Question Coffee at a lot of the best restaurants and hotels around town. Kigali Marriott is one of their major customers, as are the other major hotels like Serena, Park Inn, and Ruzizi Tented Lodge in Akagera National Park.

For restaurants, you’ll find their coffee at The Hut, Baso Patissier, Acacia Book Cafe, 4 Blooms, Delizia Italiana, Casa Keza, and Kiseki. You can even drink a cup of Question Coffee on Rwandair flights! They’ve really done a great job in expanding their business and it’s great for us customers to be able to enjoy great coffee all over Kigali.

Question Coffee, Kigali

Question Cofee Tours

One of the most exciting developments to come along with this new space is their on-site coffee tour called the ‘Seed to Cup Experience’. For Rwf $50 per person (with discounts for groups over five) you get a three hour tour that takes you from the plant (courtesy of the coffee trees in their garden) to a hot cup of coffee with information on all of the steps in between. They roast on site and they even have a fancy room to do cupping. The tour can be run just with one person and the maximum is 15. Just give them a call a few hours before and they’ll have it ready to go for you the same day.

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If you want something a bit closer to the source of the beans, ask about their ‘Coffee Farm Field Visit’ tour. This tour leaves at 8:30am and takes you two hours to Kayonza for a tour of a coffee farm before returning you back to Kigali by 3pm. The tour costs Rwf $200 and includes transportation, a guide, entrance fees, lunch, water, a cup of coffee, and a bag of coffee to take home with you.

Free Barista Training

If you’re really, really into coffee, you can come to Question on the last Friday of each month to join in on a free barista training session. Baristas from cafes around Kigali are invited to come and learn more. This is such a cool initiative because it raises the standard of coffee all around town and, even if you don’t serve coffee in Kigali, you can stop by and expand your own knowledge on what makes a great cup of coffee.

Tasting, Question Coffee, Kigali

Question Coffee has really raised the standard of coffee in Kigali, the service is friendly, the place us super relaxed, and you should stop by and check it out!

Question Coffee Contacts and Location

Hours: Daily, 7am – 7pm
Phone: 0782 790 403
Email: [email protected]

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