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When you went from the airport and into town, you passed Kabeza, a residential area overlooking the Remera hill. In many ways it’s an up-and-coming area with a lot of construction going on, but since it’s close the airport and pretty far from town, it’s not very appealing for the foreigner crowd… except, I guess, for those doing a lot of plane travel.

Accommodation in Kabeza

As is the case in many of these less popular areas you can find nice houses for a lot lower prices than in more central places like Kimihurura. Houses are a mix of ridiculously huge new builds and older, much smaller houses. The further you continue down KK 18 Avenue, the more it becomes residential and then even starts to become sort of rural.

Restaurants & Cafes in Kabeza

The pickings are slim out here, my friends. Remera isn’t far with some good cafe and restaurant choices but out in Kabeza the local pubs and small milk bars rule

  • Tally Bakery – This is the only decent option for a full-service cafe. I have it on good authority that you’ll find the cheapest cappuccino in Kigali here. The menu is made up of the usual things you’ll find at Bourbon and Camellia and those sorts of places, but it’s far cheaper. Plus they also have a small bakery.

Nightlife in Kabeza

I’ve never been on a night out in this area in my life… it’s quite a trek!

  • Wakanda Villa – This is the only nightlife I know of in Kabeza. It used to be called Kaizen and a few friends of mine used to go there several years ago. I don’t know anything about this place except that they host weekly karaoke sessions.

Shopping in Kabeza

The main road is quite sparse as far as shopping goes. There are some small local shops where you’d get the most basic of the basics, but that’s about it. But this area has a great market if you head down the road a bit further.

  • Kabeza Market – This market has everything you might need from a great produce section to grains to meat to fabric, clothes, and shoes. It’s sort of a fun little market and far less overwhelming than Kimironko where people would be more used to seeing foreigners.
  • Tubahumurize This small NGO supports women in the area and are known for the beautiful quilts they make. They’re not something that’s found elsewhere in Kigali so it’s worth getting in touch with them to see what they have, especially if you’re looking for a gift that has some Rwandan flare but is a bit different from the usual things.

Recreation & Entertainment in Kabeza

I dunno… watch planes? There’s a small park outside the airport fence sort of at the end of the runway that might be a nice place to hang out if you’re into planes.

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  1. if you leave the airport and head towards town, you have totally missed Kanombe which is in the other direction, east. The airport is actually in Nyarugunga sector which is part of Kicukiro district and has been for several years now.


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