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International Schools in Kigali

In Kigali, there is a range of curriculums offered by international schools. Among them are Cambridge IGCSE, Montessori, and International Baccalaureate.

Attending an international school can provide a global perspective and a solid foundation of cultural understanding through exposure to a diverse environment. The experience of studying alongside students and teachers from different nationalities can have long-lasting benefits.

The following is a list of internationally accredited schools in Kigali. These institutions offer unique educational experiences and could be the perfect fit for your child. To learn more about school fees, boarding options, and notable features, readers can subscribe to SecretSauce.

International School of Kigali, Rwanda (ISKR)

International School of Kigali, Rwanda

The International School of Kigali offers an American curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The school teaches the students the value of diversity and focuses on developing intrinsic learners with intercultural competencies. Their pride is creating an innovative learning culture to help students prepare for their uncertain but exciting future. 

Green Hills Academy (GHA)

Green Hills Academy Kigali

Green Hills Academy offers a bilingual program of French and English from Nursery, Primary, Middle, and High School. It is also an SAT testing center open to students and the public. Students at GHA can also study German and Mandarin in Middle School.

Kigali International Community School (KICS)

Kigali International Community School

Kigali International Community School is a Christian-based school. It is also non-denominational with over 31 nationalities. It has three sections which are PreKites, Primary, and Secondary school levels. The school is also an official national site for college examinations like ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP.

Acorns International School (AIS)

Acorns International School, Kigali

Acorns International School has a curriculum of 13 years. It inspires and empowers students to become lifelong learners to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. The school has the following sections, Early childhood program, Primary, and a continuation of lower primary to the secondary level while preparing for the IGCSE level.

The Earth School |The International Montessori School in Rwanda

The Earth School |The International Montessori School in Rwanda, Kigali

The Earth School has a Montessori curriculum using English and French languages that help students acquire life skills and foster independent learning by supporting natural development. The school provides individualized attention, thus limiting 12 children per age cohort. The age cohorts are 2-3 years old, 3-6 years old, 6-9 years old, and 9-12 years old.

Saint Paul International School

Saint Paul International School Kigali

Saint Paul International School is a private institution that has a combination of two programs; Cambridge and Rwandan National Curriculum. During the selection process, the school focuses on students who have a positive attitude to learning and a desire to do their best.

Dove International Montessori School

Dove International Montessori School, Kigali

Dove International Montessori School has 4 sections in its program which include, Toddlers, Preschool, Elementary, and Middle school. The school maintains a small number of children per teacher with a ratio of 1:12. The minimum number is to promote an individualized level for each child.

Ecole Belge de Kigali

Ecole Belge de Kigali

Ecole Belge de Kigali is a Belgian school conducting in the French language. English classes are compulsory for Primary and secondary levels, while Dutch courses are optional. The school is a non-profit association with expatriate teachers with a Belgian education and work experience background.

In addition, the school has a separate fee structure for parents whose employer partially or fully reimburses their children’s tuition fees.

Lead International School/ Little Bears Montessori

Lead International School/ Little Bears Montessori, Kigali

Lead International School has Tiny Tots, Nursery, Primary, and Secondary School sections. These sections focus on producing the most skilled and competitive job creators for both Rwandan and international communities residing in Rwanda. The school offers the option of attending school for up to 3 days a week

Path to Success International School (PTS)

Path to Success, Kigali

Path to Success International School has a bilingual education in English and French for its students. The school also receives children with special needs. In addition, there is an e-learning option that supports homeschooling.

King David Academy

King David Academy Kigali

King David Academy is a boarding school that offers Cambridge curriculum to Secondary 1 & 2 IGCSE courses and Advanced AS and A levels. The school offers many options to students, making them involved in designing their educational path.

White Dove Global Prep

White Dove Global Prep offers American program at middle and high school level. The school has a tiered school fee scale that would enable one to know how much they would pay until the final year of completion. White Dove has a global learning model that facilitates Grade 7 – 12 to travel worldwide for learning exchanges and international programs.

Wellspring Academy

White Dove Global Prep Kigali

Wellspring Academy is a Christian English school. The school provides global exposure and increased education connections to students. The languages taught are English and French.

Riviera High School

Riviera High School, Kigali

Riviera High School has a multilingual and interracial community of individuals who impact students positively in their learning journey. The school is known to have had top-performing students in the previous academic years.

Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts, Kigali

Happy Hearts is a bilingual school that teaches children French and English. In addition, the Kinyarwanda language through songs. The teacher-to-child ratio is 1:15 with two teacher’s assistants. The learning focuses on helping students love learning at their own pace, concentration, and self-discipline.

Discovery International School

Discovery International School, Kigali


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Frequently Asked Questions About International Schools in Kigali

What is ISKR?

ISKR is the short form of the International School of Kigali, Rwanda.

How many secondary schools are there in Rwanda?

Rwanda has 1,728 secondary schools, according to statistics taken in 2018.

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