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Hiking Mount Kigali: An Unforgettable Start for a Newbie

So we decided to hike up Mount Kigali in Nyamirambo, and wow, did it turn out to be an epic idea or what! Shoutout to our guide, Eric, who claimed the hike was about 8 km. My watch, on the other hand, argued we trekked over 11 km. I’m siding with my watch because, let’s be real, the extra km make me feel like a bit of a hiking champ.

For those of you who haven’t quite ventured into the world of hiking, Mount Kigali is the ultimate beginner’s welcome mat. And for the hike addicts out there, it’s enough to get your blood pumping without leaving you gasping for air.

Hiking Mount Kigali: An Unforgettable Start for a Newbie

We almost had to pull out our rain gear a couple of times, but luck was on our side – no rain during our hike, and thankfully, none the night before either. There was this ridiculously steep spot that could’ve turned into a slide show if it had been wet. Pretty sure a few of us would’ve ended up nursing more than just sore muscles.

Growing up in Nyamirambo, I thought I knew the place. But hiking through the area showed me sides I’d never seen – from inspiring to a bit of a downer, beautiful vistas to some you’d rather forget. And living next to a cemetery? Yeah, no thanks. Not on my list of dream homes.

Now, climbing Mount Kigali? Surprisingly chill. There’s none of that bushwhacking or squeezing between tight spots you might expect. Honestly, the path’s so clear, it’s nothing like those ’90s Stallone movies had me believing. The real challenge? Just as you are closing in on the peak, you do climb for sure. Some of us had to keep taking breaks. But, a quick five-minute breather, and we were all systems go.

Hiking Mount Kigali: An Unforgettable Start for a Newbie

The trees at the top? Absolutely gorgeous. If you’ve ever been around Mera Neza, you know the type. But, it kinda looked like they were being cut down, which is a major bummer. I mean, you can see the pic above; they are really beautiful. And there was this cool breeze the whole time we were there…just epic.

Overall? I’m giving this experience a solid 8/10. I’m definitely going back. Now, the only thing left is to figure out if there are other routes to explore. Mount Kigali, you haven’t seen the last of me.

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