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Don’t sleep on Kinyinya!

As a person who has been living here for about 2 years, I have always been teased about it. “You live outside of the country or something?” They said, they still say. Kinyinya is one of the neighborhoods on the outskirts of Kigali. If you’re looking for a suburb with a little of everything, it’s the place for you. Pentecost and Catholic churches, small hospitals and pharmacies, local bars, a coffee shop, a university, crop farms, and everything in between. 

Kinyinya is a neighborhood located just after Kibagabaga and Nyarutarama. When I moved here, I thought it was almost like the countryside, but over time, it has improved, just like the rest of Kigali. This is a residential area, ideal for families and generally, people who like a quiet place with a little bit of everything they need. It is also very much ideal if you have a means of transport as mostly moto bikes are likely to be a bit expensive coming to this side from most other parts of the Kigali like town, Kanombe, Kabeza and more. 

Accommodation in Kinyinya

It is becoming a popular place to live after Kepler College set its premises there, and a lot of apartments are being built rapidly in the area. This is a place that has a mixture of all kinds of shelters: small houses that look like a bit of a slum and high-end amenities. Kinyinya offers a wide range of accommodations from unfurnished houses to both serviced and furnished apartments.

Green City_Kinyinya

On top of this, Rwanda’s pilot Green City Project  that will cover 16- ha on top of Kinyinya Hill is to be built. The project is about creating affordable mixed use homes on a circa in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Millennium Apartments

These are furnished apartments that are just after Kinyinya tax park. They offer free parking, free wifi, and other services that come with most furnished apartments. For security purposes, they go as far as usually asking for identification for people who aren’t staying in any of the apartments, if you’re very particular about security, then it’s ideal.

Restaurants & Cafes in Kinyinya

There are not many popular restaurants and cafes in Kinyinya. However, it has  Oasis restaurant that offers Cameroonian cuisine, Evryting Irie kigali offers Jamaican cuisine, and Uruziga Ceramics which is a coffee shop within a ceramics shop. 

Evryting Irie restaurant 

The good thing is, Kinyinya is just after Kibagabaga and Nyarutarama both of which have plenty of these such as Pili Pili, Cave Coffee, and more. Moreover, it is about 10 to 15 minutes away from Kimironko. 

There’s not much nightlife in Kinyinya apart from the local bars where you could grab a beer and eat some brochette while at it. This makes it very ideal for people who like their peace and quiet. 

If you’re in need, Kinyinya also has some great places that host weddings such as Ineza Gardens and Mez Park. This rising neighborhood is sure to be the newest best place to live.

P.S- Rumor has it that Kinyinya will be the new Gacicuro!

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