Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Communities and Social Groups in Kigali

Living in Kigali Our community for everyone living in Kigali (and elsewhere in Rwanda) to share tips, recommendations, random thoughts, and much more. Whether you’re looking for a carpenter to fix your couch, a new apartment, or you want to adopt a puppy – you’ll find everything you need here. 

Construction in RwandaIf you’re thinking about building in Rwanda, this group is essential for navigating land purchases, zoning laws, etc. 

European Business Chamber Rwanda For Europeans working in Rwanda, and Rwandans working with European businesses, the group will connect you with the expertise and community you need. 

KG Entrepreneurs Forum Rwanda is growing in popularity as a business destination. But there’s still a lot to learn about starting, registering, and running a business in the country. Join the Entrepreneurs Forum to ask any questions that come up in the process and to join regular meetups with other business owners. 

Kigali Vegetarians/Vegans Exactly what it sounds like – a place for vegetarians and vegans in Rwanda to share tips and restaurant recommendations. 

Kigali Foodies If you love food, and love eating with other food lovers, join for the best culinary experiences and tips in Kigali. 

Kigali PETS Learn everything you need to know about owning and taking care of a pet in Rwanda.

No-code Rwanda For budding online entrepreneurs who want to trade tips and ideas about building digital products and platforms with minimal coding required. 

Rwanda Motorcyclists You guessed it, a community of motorcycle enthusiasts to share tips, buy and sell bikes, and much more. 

Zero Waste Rwanda If you love eco-initiatives, this is a thriving community of people working together to reduce waste in Rwanda with fun, creative, and innovatibe projects. 

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