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The Ultimate Guide to Medical Care in Kigali: My Top Hospital Picks!

If you’re ever in need of medical treatment in Kigali, I’ve got some recommendations for you. But first, let me share my one rule: I never go to recently established centers or hospitals unless they come highly recommended. As someone who’s terrified of botched operations and such, I stick to places with a proven track record.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into my top picks for medical care in Kigali!

Best Overall

If you’re looking for the best hospital in Kigali, I highly recommend King Faisal. Their doctors are top-notch, especially when it comes to surgeries. My brother had an ACL restructure there, and I’ve personally had a knee consultation that turned into a partial meniscectomy – and I loved the whole process. With over 80 doctors and a 160 bed capacity, King Faisal offers a wide range of specialists, including pediatricians, orthopedists, neurosurgeons, gynecologists, and more. Just keep in mind that they’re popular and tend to get a lot of patients, so you might have to wait for some services.

Also, appointments might not be as prompt as you’d like – when I went for a 10am appointment, I had to wait until 10:45 to see my doctor.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical Care in Kigali: My Top Hospital Picks!

If King Faisal isn’t your cup of tea, you could also try the Military hospital in Kanombe. They offer many of the same services as King Faisal and even have neurosurgeons on staff. The hospital has both a public and private section, so you can choose what works best for you.

Dental Care

For dental care, Jubilee Dental Clinic in Kicukiro is the way to go. Their doctors are fantastic and provide all sorts of dentistry services based on your needs. They do work best on appointments, so there’s typically no more than a 10-minute wait past your scheduled time. If you’re looking for a private clinic, Deva Medical Clinic in Nyarutarama is also a great option – I’ve heard great things from friends who have been there.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical Care in Kigali: My Top Hospital Picks!

Eye Care

If you need eye care, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is my top pick. I got my first pair of eyeglasses there, and they’re truly the best in the country. They offer a range of eye-related services, including Lasik Surgery, Neuro Ophthalmology, and Refractive Surgery. However, they may not accept your insurance, so be sure to confirm before your visit.

They have an in-store for glasses, but options are very limited, so you might want to check those out elsewhere like Maisha Optical Centre in KBC. Look out for when they stock up; that’s when you will find a variety of glasses, really good ones too.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical Care in Kigali: My Top Hospital Picks!

If you’re looking for a smaller clinic, Glamerc is a great option. They may have limited services, but if all you need is a consultation or new glasses, they’re perfect. Just note that the eye doctor doesn’t work every day, so it’s best to confirm before you go.


If you’re looking for gynecology services, there are plenty of hospitals and clinics that provide them in Kigali, including Faisal, Legacy, Croix du Sud, Deva Medical Center, and the Military Hospital. However, finding a female gynecologist can be a challenge. I’ve only been able to confirm two in the entire city – one at Deva Medical Center (again, double-check if they work with your insurance), and two at King Faisal (although none are listed on their website). You can call 3939 to check if any are available.

I’ve also heard there’s a Cuban lady at Baho Hospital who may be able to assist you.

The Ultimate Guide to Medical Care in Kigali: My Top Hospital Picks!

Overall, if you are ever in an emergency or aren’t really sure where to go, I recommend Faisal; they have the best doctors in town, modern equipment, and they’ve done and continue to do some many renovations to the entire building. It’s a first-class hospital.

And I should add this bit before I go; in some rare cases where you can’t get the help you need, consider the following options outside of Rwanda

Nairobi Hospital Urgent Care Center: Located in Nairobi, Kenya, this hospital provides urgent medical care for various conditions and is well-equipped to treat international patients.

Mediclinic Sandton Urgent Care, Johannesburg: This clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa, provides urgent medical care for various conditions and has experienced staff trained in treating international patients.

It is important to note that these clinics and urgent care centers can be expensive for patients without insurance. Therefore, it is recommended that you confirm whether these facilities are covered under your insurance policy before seeking medical care.

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