Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Summer Splashback Recap!

🎉 Two weeks ago, LIK’s Summer Splashback Soiree was an absolute hit! 🎉 The ambiance was electric with party lights by DJ Lamper rotating all night, setting the perfect vibe. Marlon took over with old-school reggae tunes that had everyone grooving, and our MC Lion did a phenomenal job as our hype king.

We had a perfect mix of young and old partygoers, and even a few love connections were made. The surprise highlight of the night? We keeping that to ourselves – because what happens at an LIK party, stays at LIK 👀

Summer Splashback Recap!

Our drinking card game was a massive hit, with folks taking shots of gin and dancing to 90s and early 2000s jams. Guests were thrilled with the prizes they won, adding even more excitement to the night.

A special shout out to our amazing sponsors: One Menu, The Rock Bistro, Villa Kigali, AdSpacey, and Jollof’Appétit. The demand for another party is through the roof, and trust us, we’ve got something in the works.

Keep your eyes on our page and spread the word about LIK parties!

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