Living in Kigali Facebook Group Rules

The Living in Kigali Facebook Group is a fun, inclusive, and informative community of lovers of Kigali and Rwanda!

We want to keep things simple and have this as a group open to anyone who lives in Kigali, loves Kigali, wants to move to Kigali, or is planning a visit here. The group is for anyone in Kigali (or elsewhere in Rwanda) who wants to buy or sell items, ask for advice, share helpful news stories, find a roommate or a place to live, etc etc.

*** Please READ THE RULES below before posting. People who don’t follow the rules may be removed WITHOUT warning and possibly banned. So, take 10 seconds to read them. Thanks! ***

Rule #1 – Please don’t post any jokes, photos, videos, or opinion pieces on here, even if they’re about Rwanda. That means no photos of rainbows (harsh, I know!), no fireworks, no cool landscape shots, and especially no photos of people. Please keep these sorts of things for your personal page.

Rule #2 – Don’t post anything off-topic. No photos of fast cars or hot chicks, and so on.

Rule #3 – Don’t post anything shady like offers for loans,  claims to cure all ills, or ads looking for staff for overseas house help placements, etc.

Rule #4 – Don’t be a jerk. Conversation and friendly debate is fine, attacking others is not.

Rule #5 – This isn’t a personals site. If you’re new to Kigali or Rwanda, feel free to introduce yourself (once). Otherwise, don’t use the group to organize your social life. Unsolicited friend requests are really annoying. If someone reports this, you’ll be removed from the group, no questions asked.

Rule #6 – Feel free to post about events at religious places in Kigali but otherwise, we like to keep this community secular. Religious content will be removed. 

Rule #7 – Post in English so everyone can understand. Other languages are welcome but please be sure to also post a translation to English.

Rule #8 – Business owners/promoters: keep ads to once a week per business. Ads where the seller replies with ‘I’ll send a DM’ are not useful and annoying so please put all of the details like PRICE and CONTACT DETAILS in the original post or it will be removed. If you’re selling several items, please put them all in one post. Repeat offenders will be barred from promoting in the group. 

Rule #9 – No ads selling animals.

Rule #10 – People will sometimes have bad experiences and want to help others avoid them and feel the need to ‘name and shame’. If you feel the community should be warned about an individual or business’s behaviour, please inform the admins directly before posting, so we can take action. 

Rule #11 – To ensure there’s no misinformation, fake news, etc. spread in the group, all news stories will be removed unless they’re urgent updates (ie. Covid-19 related). 

Rule #12 – Living in Kigali has zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, misogyny, religious intolerance, and any other form of hate speech. If a member of the community commits any offense in these areas, they will be removed and blocked from the group. 

That’s all! 

If everyone sticks to the rule, and respects one another, Living in Kigali can continue being a fun, welcoming, and wholesome place to be!

🙂 Thanks!